Feb 10

Southern Schools Load Up

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Thousands of young men across America signed Letters of Intent to play college football yesterday. And, as usual, many of the big names were at the top when the rankings settled. Georgia, Southern California, Alabama, and Notre Dame once again brought in top talent. The biggest mover of the day was Clemson. The South will rise again to the top of the college football mountain if the level of talent secured yesterday across the region is any indication. Florida, Alabama, and Miami were the only three programs to finish ranked in the top 5 of both the Rivals.com and the ESPN.com recruiting rankings.

Southern California finished in the top 10 of the Rivals.com recruiting rankings for the 7th consecutive season. The Trojans clearly have a grip on west-coast talent, which is abundant. Oregon and Arizona State landed decent talent, but the road to Pac-10 glory will still run through L.A.

Oklahoma seems to have secured the nation's top midwestern class. While Texas and Texas A&M each had solid efforts on the trail, they are a distant second to the group headed to Norman. Looks like big-game Bob (cough, cough) Stoops will have the pressure on to bring home a crystal football as the talent will be there.

Michigan and Ohio State will remain the teams to beat in the North after bringing in top 10 classes each. Quarterback Terrell Pryor, the Pennsylvania native who is rumored to be headed for Rich Rod's Wolverine offense, stood up the college football world yesterday by delaying his announcement. The nations top recruit according to many publications is also considering Ohio State and Penn State among others. His new announce date is next Friday.

Clemson was perhaps the nation's biggest surprise after signing a nasty group of future Tigers. The CU backfield will go 4-deep in 4-star or better talent when they line-up in 2008. Jamie Harper, the top running back in the state of Florida, and Andre Ellington are the latest stud running backs to ink-up with Tommy Bowden. Already enrolled in school is Daquan Bowers, the nations top defensive prep, and possibly the nation's top overall recruit. He will wear the number 93 of Gaines Adams, a top 5 selection in the 2007 NFL draft. The Tigers also loaded up on the offensive line, including a signing-day steal from Georgia in tight-end Dwayne Allen.

LSU, the defending national champion and top 5 recruiting mainstay, kept up their ways in 2008, though slipping just a hair. With a large class of 26 players, LSU will averages about 10th in the rankings.

Please see our rankings in the second story on the home page, where I averaged out the Scout.com, Rivals.com, and ESPN.com, rankings into a nice standings to gage things.....Enjoy!

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