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College football has seen its fair share of freak athletes. From Archie Griffin to Bo Jackson to Deion Sanders to Vince Young, the game has provided us with people who seem to go beyond words. The latest of this type of amateur football player supreme is Tim Tebow, the Florida Gator who seeks Heisman number 2.

This story is not going to go very in-depth. It's late, I have to rise very early, and the real reason I wanted to write this is so that I could put up a new main page photo (they blow up real, real big! click on one...)

Besides, how in-depth is there to go when the bottom line is that you are just a bigger, better, more talented player at your position than is normal. So is the case with QB Tebow. He is strong, he is smart, and he has a nose for the goal-line. Period. You can break it down any way you want, but what you will continue to return to is Tebow's physical ability (6'-3", 235) to put his body past an imaginary line guarded by eleven other people as big and strong and pissed off as he is.

In his short collegiate career, Tebow  has accounted for 68 touchdowns between the pass and run, 55 in 2007 alone. His yards per rush are just under 5.0 per game while at UF, but they often come on first and three from the three....

The question now is what will Tebow do as a junior in the spotlight? He has his Heisman, and is a very realistic candidate to win the first back to back Heismans since Griffin in the 70's.

More importantly, Tebow has help. He has Percy Harvin, and a line that most teams would be more than comfortable with. "Experts" always base O-line predictions on experience, and I'm sure there is weight to that, but when you recruit in the top 20 year after year, the Gators have some lineman to clear the way no matter the mixture of classes.

Tebow will have countless Heisman competitors as 2008 rolls on. Chase Daniel from Missouri, Ohio State's Beanie Wells (terrible, terrible name), Georgia's Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno, West Virginia's Pat White and others, will all do their best to keep Tebow from making history. But do not be surprised if he is the first of his kind in over 30 years to repeat....



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