Aug 31

ACC Nightmare

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After a miserable start to the 2008 season, the Atlantic Coast Conference has reached new lows. Several games this past weekend went as wrong as possible if you are a fan of the ACC. What was a remodel of the league to form a super conference a few years back now looks like a science project gone completely wrong.

The nightmare weekend started on Thursday night when struggling NC State put up a goose-egg in Columbia versus South Carolina. The Wolfpack are ACC bottom dwellers, but the Cocks aren't exactly SEC favorites either, and this conference head to head matchup will go down as a win for the latter.

Southern California made a trip across America Saturday to Charlottesville, Virginia for a college football game. However, the trip was more like a business vacation for the Trojans. After scoring 21 first quarter points, USC put things on cruise control for the 52-7 win. The score probably could have been worse.

Earlier in the day, Virginia Tech took on East Carolina (who is not even in one of the major conferences) in Charlotte in a game they were favored in. The Hokies were dealt a dose of their own medicine when a special teams play sealed the win late in the 4th quarter for the Pirates. The ACC lost once again.

And, worst of all, on national TV, in the game that was supposed to save face for the conference, the Tigers of Clemson showed up flat and were pushed around by Alabama of the SEC - the conference which loves the most to bash the ACC. This game, in prime-time, really knocked the ACC to the floor - and it will be tough for them to get back up.

Also, North Carolina had to squeek by lowly McNeese State (where is that school?), BC only put up 21 points on Kent State, and Maryland barely got by Delaware just 14-7. Jeez, how bad can things get?

After going winless in BCS games the last 7 years, and losing high profile out-of-conference games right and left the last two seasons, the ACC is deserving of its' black eye. The chances were there this past weekend for the ACC to take a step back up the conference rankings, but they could not capitalize.

The fact is that the conference has to suck it up and get better. Right now, the only team that appears to be solid, disiplined, well-coached and hungry is Wake Forest, who has an image nationwide as a basketball school. And speaking of basketball, the ACC had its' worst year in that sport last year, as well.



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