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Watching UCLA and Tennessee battle into overtime was a Monday night treat, and got me to thinking about the uniform. After all, the Bruins blue and gold is as easy on the eyes as any uni in sport. And Tennessee's light orange and Block T is recognizable nationwide as the symbol of the Volunteers. But UT very rarely wears the orange pants, which is what made the wheels start turning in my head. The uniform is one of the greatest aspects of sports, and college football has no shortage in variation.

My good friend (and mainstay), dcomitch, loves to talk about the Clemson uniform through the years. If there is a stripe here or a material change there, the dude knows about it and what year it happened. Luckily for me and my eardrum, the Tiger uniform hasn't changed terribly much in the last thirty years. And that is the way it is with most programs.

But not all schools have taken that route. The South Carolina Gamecocks, for example, have taken the appoach of changing uniforms every season. Other schools, such as Oregon, have gone for some really crazy ideas like dots all over the upper body and swoops here and there.

Personally, I love tradition, and so does docmitch, and wish that all schools' uniforms would stay the same every year. Let's face it, we have enough to keep up with, we don't need to have to try to figure out who is playing who when we flip the channels or watch games from years back.

Some of my personal favorite uniforms are (and this doesn't really mean I like the team) :

*Notre Dame - The Irish are recognizable for their gold helmets. Also, the color combo is classy and always will be. Watching a ND game in 2008 is the same as seeing the unis in 1949 - nice work.

* UCLA - see accompanying photo. the Bruins' look is straight out of Hollywood and it works to perfection. Now, if they can put that muscle back beneath that glitter..

* Penn State - Straight forward and as simple as it gets. Alabama is the same thing, but maroon isn't as cool as navy blue.

* North Carolina - Say they are a basketball school all you want. When the Heels play under all the tall pine trees in Keenan Stadium, it is as picturesque as it gets.

 * Washington - The Huskies somehow found colors that must only exist on other planets. I feel like if you had to match it at Sherwin-Williams they would laugh at you!

 Ok...So there are the ones i like. Feel free to comment below or on the message-boards - we'd like to know your thoughts on your favorite (or least favorite unis)!

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