Sep 7

Week 2 In Review

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1. Beanie Wells IS Ohio State.

When the Buckeyes had Beanie Wells, they controlled the clock, and the game, against Youngstown St., having a time of possession over 12 minutes longer than the Penguins.  Without Beanie, they managed only a 3 minute advantage, and it showed.  They will need their Heisman hopeful to help control the game against a strong Trojan team.
2. The Huskies, their fans, and the media need to GET OVER IT.

Jake Locker did not lose the game for the Huskies.  The refs didn’t give it away by calling an unsportsmanlike penalty with 2 seconds left before a potential game tying extra point attempt.  Three reasons why:

-         First and foremost, the rule is VERY specific.  There was no room for interpretation.  A player cannot throw the ball into the air; he has to “hand the ball to an official or place the ball near the dead ball spot on the field”.  It had to be called
-         Second, the celebration that ensued after the touchdown was still enough to call the flag
-         Last, but not least, the extra point was BLOCKED!  When you can’t get the kick past the line of scrimmage, it doesn’t matter where you kick from.
3. The surprise team of the year…

Is no surprise at this point.  After beating two ranked BCS opponents, the East Carolina Pirates look primed to cruise through their remaining schedule to a conference title and BCS bid.  Really, though, who saw them sitting here two weeks ago?  Wouldn’t it be an interesting twist of fate for them to be the at large bid to the Orange Bowl and give the ACC their ninth straight BCS loss…to Wake Forest?
4. Location, Location, Location.

Both Ohio State and West Virginia learned a valuable lesson today.  When fumbling near the sideline, it’s important to drag the ball out of bounds with you.  The Buckeyes were able to capitalize on the mistake made by Ohio to springboard themselves to the win, while the Mountaineers lost any possible momentum as Pat White lunged for the first down only to leave the ball a foot in bounds right in front of  Pirate.
5. The Gators officially rule the state of Florida…for now

The Gators are 5-0 against FSU and UM the past few years.  Count UGA and their annual romp in Jacksonville, and their record combined is 7-2 since 2004.  With two slow starts in its first games against inferior opponents, they will have to dump the clutch in a hurry when they face the Bulldogs and the Seminoles later this year.  I say they relinquish their throne when they lose both of those games this year.

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