Sep 11

Weekend 3 Predictions

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Week 3 Predictions

Cal at Maryland - Can the ACC carry the momentum into this matchup? In a wonderland, it is an idea. In reality, not so much. I have a hard time seeing Maryland win this game...Cal, 30-20.

Nevada at Missouri - The Wolfpack of Nevada are a nice mid-level oppponent to schedule, but Mizzou will make this an easy win...UM, 40-10.

NC State at Clemson - Clemson wins big. Ya know why? No one gives a crap about this game!....CU, 50-10.

Auburn at Mississippi State - I have to go with Auburn. The Tigers seem to always find a way to win. Plus, MSU sucks.....AU, 31-14.

Georgia at South Carolina - The Cocks always play Georgia tough early in the year. But, Georgia has too much on the line right now to let the Ole' Ball Sac intervene...UGA, 30-20.

Michigan at Notre Dame - Rich Rod having a tougher time than he thought. This game was alamost forgotten about behind USC-Ohio State...ND 21-20 (dont know why)

Penn State at Syracuse - Nittany Lions roll mainly because Syracuse has become the laughing stock of college football....PSU, 40-17.

Arkansas at Texas - Hurricane

UCLA at BYU - I think UCLA has a good thing going with Neuheisel, UCLA alum, as new coach. But a big first road trip is tough. I will enjoy watching this game....UCLA (but barely), 30-27.

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech - GT is looking sharp under Paul Johnson. But they are relatively untested, as well...VT, 20-17.

Oklahoma at Washington - The Sooners hava a ton to lose here while the Huskies do not. Let's not forget that UW is the team that got screwed in the whole referee scandal a week back! Go Huskies...UW, 31-28.

Ohio State at USC - Everyone is making it out like OSU has no chance with Chris Wells out...But the Buckeyes, if for real, can play a 4=quarter game and see what happens...if they cant push it 4-quarters, then......USC, 40-17.

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