Sep 18

The Opposite Effect - Weekend 4 Predictions

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The college football world will humble you in a heartbeat. You can study the x's and o's all you want, and then come gametime, strange things just seem to happen. So this week, I am going to pick exactly the OPPOSITE of what I think will happen. Therefore...

LSU at Auburn - Well, the home team has won the last 8 contests, so conventional wisdom would tell you to take the away team to break the streak because it is way overdue to happen. So, with that said, I will take the home team, Auburn, to keep the streak alive. Besides, Auburn has a very solid team and is still waiting to put together a complete game. This is one of the top rivalries in the nation as both schools play hard-nosed 60-minute football...Auburn, 10-8.

Alabama at Arkansas - Being a Clemson fan, I will remember the Tide for the rest of the season (maybe the rest of my life), and should certainly pick the Tide to go into Fayetteville and beat the Razorbacks. But, Arkansas is a big-time program, and could easily upset Alabama in this one with a break or two here and there. John Parker Wilson is proving to be average, accounting for just 4 touchdowns so far on the year. However, he has led Alabama to wins, which is all that matters. He has the potential to go either way as the schedule heats up - we'll see what happens....Arkansas, 27-25.

Wake Forest at Florida State - I think Florida State has more talent. I think Florida State has more reasons to need this game. I think Florida State will feed big-time off of the home-crowd for inspiration. I think the Florida State offense is ready to show people that the 69 points they hung on WCU was no joke....Therefore, I pick Wake, and the nation's most accurate passer, Riley Skinner, to take the win and the ACC-Atlantic early advantage....Wake Forest, 30-24.

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech - This is an interesting game. You have Sly Croom in his third year against Paul Johnson in his first. I love to root for Sly Croom, but it just seems like MSU isn't getting anywhere. Tech, on the otherhand, is enthusiastic under their new head man. I should take Tech, but in keeping within the framework of this piece, I will say MSU rolls out of the ATL with a W...MSU, 25-23.

Notre Dame at Michigan State - I have to think the Irish will slip. They just pulled off a big win over an arch-rival, and are 2-0. Michigan State, at 2-1, doesn't care what ND has going on. I should take MSU to knock the Irish back into rebuilding mode. But I will take ND to move to 3-0...Notre Dame, 20-17. Should be some offense as these two teams are 70th and 64th respectively in total D. However, they are 92nd and 56th respectively in total O. Ouch. ....Notre Dame, 30-20.

Georgia at Arizona State - This was setting up to be a huge match-up when ASU slacked up and got beat by UNLV. Those idiots - This could have been the national game of the week. Now, It is one of those games where UGA has everything to lose, and the Sun Devils have nothing to lose. Still, I think the Dawgs know they have too much on the line to lose this game. Georgia would be my pick, but I am going with Arizona State to pull the upset for this article's sake...ASU 38-31.

Florida at Tennessee - I went to this game a year ago in Gainesville. It was my first game in the Swamp, and I will always remember walking out of the jam-packed tunnel 1 minute into the game and seeing Percy Harvin sprinting down the middle of the field for a quick 7-0 Florida lead...This game is very intense, and predicting a winner is nearly impossible. My gut says take the Vols for revenge. Therefore: Florida, 35-28.

Miami at Texas A&M - I want so badly for the Hurricanes to win this game for the skae of the ACC. Howver, they are young, and I'm still not sold on Randy Shannon. A&M is a train-wreck. Year in and year out I think they will do something big - but they never do. I'll be cheering for the Canes, so I'll pick A&M...Texas A&M, 30-29.

Virginia Tech at North Carolina - Everything in the world would say to pick UNC here. They just destroyed Rutgers and everyone knows that the Heels have some players. Tech, though, just defeated GT in bouncing back from the humiliating loss to East Carolina. I really do think UNC is more physical (a Beamer TM) and should ride home-field to the win...therefore: VT, 23-20.

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