Sep 26

Alabama-Georgia Preview

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        Saturday night's match-up promises to be great one.  The status is there, as Georgia, ranked #3, hosts #8 Alabama.  The Bulldogs have decided to break out the black jerseys and have asked that the crowd support by wearing all black.  The supposed "Black Out" is intended to be a psyche job on the visiting Tide, but they might not need any help.  A steady dose of Stafford and Moreno have been plenty thus far to keep the Dawgs unblemished.  Alabama, on the other hand, looks to avenge last years home loss in overtime.  With a stable of running backs that has accumulated the best rushing offense in the SEC, the Tide hope to turn the tables.  In traditional fashion, here are my Top 5 key points for this game...

1. The Running Game:  A lot has been said about the difference in the quarterbacks.  Even more has been said about the freshman receiver phenoms.  The final score will be directly related to the running backs.  Knowshon Moreno is a beast.  He is currently leading the SEC among all running backs.  The Tide, however has a rusher by committee.  Write it down.  The winning team will also have the most rushing yards.

2. The "Black Out":  As much as I hate to admit fan attire affects the teams on the field, you have to look at the results.  Twice it's been used, and twice the Dawgs have dominated.  The excitement in the air when a team donned in black takes the field to a stadium filled with darkness has been thus insurmountable.  The question here is, will the Tide find the endzone in the dark, or will there be the largest funeral in the state of Georgia?

3. Revenge:  This time last year, the Bulldogs cam into T-Town and won a nailbiter in overtime.  Since then, Bama is certainly more improved, but they don't have the luxury of the home turf.  how well can they adapt, and can the Tide find vengeance on foreign soil.

4. Terrence Cody:  This guy is a true monster.  He's been called "Mt. Crushmore", among others.  Last week, the reigning Rimington winner needed extra help containing this guy, and they couldn't do it.  He continues to be the anchor of the defense, and figures to be the biggest obstacle the Bulldogs.  Expect the gameplan to be built around him to a large degree, and for Georgia not to run up the middle without a double team.

5. The "Other" Streak:  Quick, name the Top 10 program who is winless when Gameday visits.  If you guessed Alabama, you're right.  As of last year, when the whole gang wandered to Tuscaloosa, Alabama was 0-5 looking for their first win.  By the end of the night, it was 0-6.  Just a little cherry on top of an already huge desert.

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