Sep 26

Survival of the Fittest

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   Indeed, the winner of this conference will have huge bragging rights.  The question on most people’s minds is not who it will be, but will they do it in such a way to convince the pollsters to allow them to crack the top two?  In arguably the best conference in the land, here are the main contenders for the crown…
1. Florida:  I know Georgia has the higher national ranking, and I know LSU and Bama each beat a Top 10 program.  What is dangerous about this Gator team is not their offense, but quite the contrary.  Their defense and special teams has paved the way to a 3-0 start where each game was won by 23 points or more.  What they need to do from here on out is bring back the offense of the last two years.  If done, this could be the most complete team in the nation…by far.

2. LSU:  What the Tigers did last week at Auburn was phenomenal.  LSU proved that not only do they still have a top to bottom Top 5 program, but they sent a message to SEC rival Auburn that there’s a new chance taker in town.  Move over Riverboat Gambler, and make way for the Mad Hatter.  Last year was no fluke, and this year it’s even more calculated.  With a young starter at quarterback in Jarret Lee who is proving to be a great investment, don’t be surprised to see the Tigers repeat in Atlanta.

3. Alabama:  I know they have yet to be tested.  I know they still have to travel to both Georgia and LSU.  I also know that the Tide has probably the best coach in the country right now, and they have developed a knack to show up in force at just the right time…just ask Clemson and Arkansas.  This week’s trip to Athens figures to be their first real test.  Pass and the rest of the schedule looks manageable.  The trip to Tennessee doesn’t look as difficult and rival Auburn comes to Tuscaloosa.  Now a certain game in Baton Rouge could become quite the spectacle…

4. Georgia:  The Bulldogs have a lot going for them.  The best quarterback/running back tandem in the conference, nay, the country.  Their veteran offensive line should give the both of them plenty of time to perform.  What bothers me about this team is their knack for snoozing at the wrong time (see Tennessee ’07) and their schedule.  Hosting Bama, Tennessee, and Vandy in consecutive weeks is difficult enough.  To follow that up with road trips to LSU, Kentucky, a “neutral” Jacksonville, and Auburn is almost like asking to be voted out of the rankings as a whole.  The one caveat to that, though, is if they can stay focused and finish with one loss or less, I don’t see how they don’t make it to the big game.

5. Auburn:  Even though the losing team in the annual Tiger Bowl hasn’t seen the SEC Championship this decade, that doesn’t mean the Tigers are out of it.  It just means they’re a huge fan of the Gators, Bulldogs, and yes, even the Tide.  All three of those teams are on LSU’s schedule.  If they drop two of the three, and Auburn can finish strong against Georgia and Bama, the Tigers can works their way back to Atlanta.

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