Sep 27

Enough Is Enough

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Clemson took a loss to Maryland Saturday afternoon, and it greatly hurts their chances of winning the ACC. But with a perfornance like this, why should CU think they desrve to win anything anyway?? The Tigers put up a goose-egg in the seconfd half, and now Tommy Bowden is back to where he is used to being: on the hot seat.

It's as simple as this: at halftime, Maryland made adjustments, Clemson didn't. The Tigers were beat 14-0 in the second half. You can disect this game anyway you want, but the bottom-line is that Clemson, as a team, has no back-bone, and despite the "talent" on the Tiger sideline, Clemson is a walking, breathing dissapointment...

As a Tiger fan, it's tough to say what this game does. The thing is, I love cheering for my Tigers. But with this coach, I have no confidence that our team is capable of ever doing anything good....The team seems to have no direction, and no reason to beat that ass...

It has been a long day, and this performance by Bowden's ninth team is enough to make my head hurt.... 



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