Oct 3

ACC-SEC Top 10, Week 5

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1.  Alabama
They are without a doubt the best team in both leagues right now.  And honestly, if they were playing # 1 Oklahoma tonight, I'd take Bama.  Saban is tough, and he's the real deal.  They believe in his system 100%, and it's also the best system in the game right now.  They may lose a game or at the most two for random reasons, but the Crimson Tide is back.  And as long as Saban is there, we all better get used to it. 
2.  LSU
 They are the defending National Champions, and they are undefeated.  If Nick Saban is the toughest coach in America, Les Miles isn't far behind.  The game between LSU and Alabama could determine who plays for not only the SEC Championship, but the BCS Championship
3.  Georgia
31-0 at halftime?  That, I must say was baffling.  To the credit of the Bulldogs, they fought back and scored 30 in the second half.  Very few teams would have been capable of making that final score respectable.  Mark Richt is a great coach, and his team will respond.  They lost worse to Tennessee last year and everyone remembers how well they responded.
4.  Florida
That was a tough loss to Ole Miss, but I've said since the summer that Houston Nutt was going to upset someone.  It's a bit suprising that it was in the Swamp, but nonetheless.  Florida will be back, and still contend in the East as always.
 5.  Auburn
This is a very solid team, but I something tells me this is Alabama's year to break the streak of 6 straight losses.  Things could change, and Auburn will definately be in the hunt for the West title until the end, but this may be the year for the tides to turn....no pun intended.
6.  Vandy
Bobby Johnson's a darn good coach.  Plain and simple.  He's won everywhere he's been, and his teams play extremely hard for him.  I just don't think this team has the talent to win the East.  Sometimes talent, or lack thereof means too much.
7.  Va. Tech
Quietly, Virginia Tech is poised to win another ACC title.  It will be their third in 5 years if they can pull it off.  It would be impressive because this is not one of Beamer's best teams, but that says a lot about the man, doesn't it?
8.  Wake
I'm sticking to my guns until I'm proven wrong.  Clemson, despite their horribly consistent horrible coaching will beat the Demon Deacons in Winston-Salem on the 9th, but it won't matter because the Tigers will flub up somewhere else.  And the rest of the country will go on praising Wake, and dissing Clemson.  Rightly so to boot.
9.  Ole Miss
Houston Nutt was going to upset some folks this year.  I thought it would be against the Gamecocks this week, not Florida.  They still might defeat South Carolina, and I haven't seen the line, but I bet it wont be considered an upset.

10.  UNC/ Maryland
Maryland is well coached, and will finish around 8-4 this year.  I think the same for UNC.  They beat an up and coming Miami, and Maryland beat Clemson, so they are tied at ten for the time being.

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