Oct 7

Week 6 In Review

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    Finally, a week of relative stability!  After the past few weeks of monumental upsets and preseason disappointments, doesn’t it feel good to be able to see consistency?  Sure there are a few surprise additions to the Top 25 this week, but there’s a refreshing lack of upsets.  Here’s a few takeaways from the week that was…
1. Let the playoffs begin:  Sure, I agree with everyone out there that believes we need a true playoff system in college football.  Until then, we have to look at the regular season as the generic equivalent.  This month is great.  Conferences get to the meat of their schedules, headlining with games like OU-Texas, Utah-TCU, and PSU-OSU.  Every week has a must see game, and November expectations are just as high, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

2. USC and Ohio State are far from "out of it”:  After horrible losses, both the Trojans and Buckeyes seemed down for the count.  Last week, though, both teams had convincing wins that put them right back in the picture – Ohio St. on the road at Wisconsin and USC at home to Oregon.  As the aforementioned “playoffs” play out, the concentration of SEC and Big 12 teams in the Top 10 figures to thin out a bit and make plenty of room for the top spot’s prodigal sons.

3. Big East Woes:  It seemed that the Big East was on the rise, when suddenly USF was the only ranked team.  The Bulls are representing the Big East with the highest ranking in the conference at #19.  That puts them at the lowest of all BCS conferences, and lower than two none BCS conferences – the WAC (#15 Boise St.) and Mountain West (#8 BYU and #14 Utah).  Let’s hope these guys regroup and get some better competition before bowl season.

4. Seriously...Vandy?:  Okay, after 6 weeks in, raise your hand if you thought Vanderbilt would be undefeated, on top of the SEC East, and ranked #13 in the country.  I thought so.  A big shout out is in order for Bobby Johnson and his staff there in Nashville.  The ‘Dores are one win shy of bowl eligible and a couple of upsets away from Atlanta.  Hey, it could happen.

5. Ball State:  From 2003-06, Ball State had a total of 15 wins.  The last season and a half, the Cardinals have 13 and their first AP ranking…ever.  If there was a bigger surprise than Vanderbilt, this is it.  At 6-0, they’re bowl eligible.  At 3-0 in the MAC, they sit at the top of the conference controlling their own destiny.  Not bad for a middle of the road team who lost their best player to a career ending injury.  On that note, let’s all wish a speedy recovery to Dante Love.  What happened to him is truly a shame and all the best to him and his family.

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