Oct 12

Week 7 In Review

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Wow, what a weekend.  As I write this, the top team in the country lost, and the 3rd and 4th ranked teams are losing in the fourth quarter.  My ESPN pick'em is shot.  At least we finally had a whole weekend live up to the hype.  Here are a few observations…
1. Who's number 1?:  With Oklahoma losing, who moves up?  Does Bama, the idle #2, rise up?  Texas took it to the Sooners, so do they deserve the bump?  What about a Penn State team that dominated a ranked Wisconsin squad?  No matter who gets bumped up, there will be plenty to talk about.

2. Washington fans should help comfort Notre Dame:  Once again, a controversial call is made at the end of a game.  Fortunately for the refs – and Tarheels – they got this one right.  With all the fans across the country (myself included) criticizing officials when they do poorly, I feel it is only fair to point out when they get it right.  Good job, fellas.

3.Top 5 Meltdown:  Oklahoma was outscored 25-14 in the second half after setting the pace for the first half.  LSU got doubled and then some in the Swamp.  Missouri's plan to rely on Chase Daniel didn't work, despite almost 400 yards in the air.  Sure the teams they played were above par, but all three teams failed their first serious test of the season.  At least the Big 12 South and the SEC East regained respect in the overall conference, balancing out the power and setting up a great start to the second half of the season.

4. Not a good week to be a Tiger coach:  There are five teams in Div I that share the nickname Tigers – Auburn, Clemson, Memphis, Missouri, and LSU.  All of them lost this week, and all of them lost to a team either ranked lower or with a worse record.  Two of them, AU and Clem, have coaches on the hotseat.  All of them need to reorganize and get ready for the next week.  Whether they are trying to get back up to the top, or simply get back up, these teams need all the help they can get.

5. Heisman candidates thin out:  Chase Daniel falls back with a loss, as does Charles Scott.  Most likely, Sam Bradford takes a hit, too.  That leaves Colt McCoy in control of his own destiny by most accounts.  A Texas Tech player can't be too far behind and Javon Ringer is hanging around.  Let Tebow have a couple more games like tonight, and don't be surprised if his name pops up again…

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