Oct 23

Week 8 In Review

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1.        BCS rankings are out:  The results are quite typical by BCS standards.  The top two mirror the human polls, and there are the appropriate rankings that look better in computers than humans (see USC) and vice versa (see Florida).  Either way, this sets pretty good groundwork for the rest of the season.  Let the arguing, finger pointing, and other criticisms begin.

2.        Another interconference flop?:  Preseason, there were plenty of unconventional games that grabbed our attentions.  The first was Bama-Clemson, and we all know how that turned out.  Then came the clash of the titans in USC-OSU, which turned out to be David getting stomped by Goliath.  Now we have Auburn-West Virginia in a game where both teams limp in on their bad legs.  Let’s hope this game turns out more like Mizz-Illinois than the two mentioned here.

3.        Look, we do have a playoff!:  Well, that’s what some folks are saying this week.  And who could blame them?  Two unbeatens go head to head in Texas and Ok St.  Two one-loss SEC powers once thought to see each other in December in LSU and Georgia meet to virtually decide who watches the game from home.  Penn State and Ohio State clash to see who gets to rep the Big 10.  It’s hard to argue with that slate of games on board, but I will do it anyway.  We need a TRUE playoff system in the game.  Period.

4.        BCS buster becoming a regular?:  Tonight, Boise State looks to remain unbeaten and sit atop the BCS standings – as far as the non-BCS schools are concerned.  If they are successful, they could be in a big time game for the second time in three years.  Given their performance last time they made it, I doubt they’ll be left out if they finish unblemished.

5.        Third Saturday in October:  I know most of you may not care about this game, but I sure do.  Coach Phil Fulmer’s decent in this league started when Nick Saban and the LSU Tigers beat up on them in the 2001 SEC Championship.  Last year, he was humiliated in T-town in his most lopsided loss to the Tide.  This week could be the proverbial nail in his coffin.  I can’t wait to see it.

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