Oct 30

ACC-SEC Top 10, Week 10

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1.        Florida:  A bludgeoning of Kentucky is enough in my mind to elevate them to the Top spot in both leagues.  Sure they have a loss to lowly Ole Miss, but the team that has taken the field the last two weeks would’ve blown them out just as easily as they did the Tigers and Wildcats.

2.        Alabama:  The Crimson Tide is back to early season form, posting their first true complete game since the debacle in the Georgia Dome to start the season.  If they can remain consistent and play well, they will of course move to the top spot upon winning the SEC, if not sooner.

3.        Georgia:  The Bulldogs are up to their same tricks as last year.  Losing horribly earlier on, only to bounce back and show they belong with the top tier teams.  Losing to Alabama looks better and better as the Tide wins, and a victory in Jacksonville may set up an intense rematch for a shot at more than just the SEC crown.

4.        Florida State:  The Seminoles are tough to figure out, but JoePa may not be the only coach to go out on top.  They are improving on both sides of the ball, and winning along the way.  They may be the only team to rep the ACC in the BCS, but continuing to get stronger could bring their conference some much needed street credit, as well as lay a solid foundation for coach in waiting Jimbo Fisher.

5.        Virginia:  Talk about an escape artist.  I think it’s safe to say that Al Groh has become the NCAA equivalent to Harry Houdini.  Last year, the Cavs made winning close games second nature.  This year, it’s more of the same after Georgia Tech.  Best of all, that win has Virginia at the top of the Costal division.  You can’t fire a coach that goes to the conference championship, can you?

6.        Maryland:  Another team that makes you shake your head.  At least this past week, they were able to get past a team that wasn’t ranked.  Aside from a loss to Virginia (which doesn’t seem quite so bad now, does it?), the Terps have won 5 straight.  Not too shabby.

7.        Georgia Tech:  Though the loss to Virginia was a surprise, this is still a good team that has exceeded expectations this season already.  With three ranked teams in the last four games, the season can quickly fall back.  Winning two or three, though, and it could be enough to get them to Tampa.

8.        LSU:  This is certainly a shell of the team that won the national title last year, and isn’t even playing like the team that started the year on fire.  QB Jarret Lee has thrown at least one interception before a touchdown in their three biggest games thus far (Auburn, Florida, and Georgia) and two of those were returned for touchdowns.  There has to be better play if the Tigers are going to rebound.

9.        North Carolina:  The Tarheels may be the most underestimated team on the list, since their two losses were three points apiece, and to the two Virginia teams in the league.  They are conference games, however, and that matters.  A strong finish to the season, beginning with Georgia Tech this weekend may make the student body forget about basketball season for a few weeks, or even (gasp!) put a second ACC team in the BCS.

10.        South Carolina:  The Gamecocks have been up and down for a while now.  Last year at this time, they were on their way down, whereas now, they can be in the opposite direction.  Home games with Tennessee and Arkansas and closing the season out at Clemson could prove to be a much needed boost.  Win those three, and the Cocks will have the best record at the end of the regular season under Spurrier. 

Bonus - Stat of the game: 7. Five games this season (including all three losses) have been decided by exactly 7 points.

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