Nov 6

Weekend Preview

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1. Alabama at LSU:  This game is getting more national coverage than I thought it would, given that the Tigers have allowed more than one hundred points in their last two games combined.  Media around here seems to suggest a large margin of victory, but I disagree.  The Tigers have the benefit of a deeper, more talented, and more experienced team as well as a stadium that will be incredibly hostile to the visiting Tide.  Let’s not forget, though that Alabama has one of the best coaches in the game wandering the sideline....Result: Bama 27 LSU 17
2. Oklahoma State at Texas Tech:  After last week’s electric win over the Longhorns, the onus is now on Texas Tech to carry the torch for the Big 12.  Since Texas beat Oklahoma State, one would assume the Red Raiders can claim victory.  Beware, though, that the Cowboys have a decent defense of their own.  Also, this is a sandwich game between Big 12 South powers Texas and Oklahoma.  This can get ugly really quick for either team, or it can be as prolific as we’ve seen this year from the arena ball of the Big 12......Result: Ok St. 38 Texas Tech 24
3. TCU at Utah:  With an ever growing focus on the “BCS Busters”, this is one of the games that will eliminate the loser, and bring the winner that much closer to the dream.  TCU is 12th in the BCS even tough they have lost a game, and Utah sits in the Top 10.  TCU is where they are because despite the loss to Oklahoma, they have a very fine team.  Utah has to pray the Latter Day Saints help them more than they did BYU.....Result: TCU 33 Utah 17
4. California at USC:
  The Trojans have been on a roll, and show no signs of slowing down, allowing only 20 points since the loss to Oregon State.  The Golden Bears roll into town on a two game win streak and an eye on the PAC-10 title.  Though it will be no easy task, believe that the Trojans will do what it takes to win at home, and secure their 7th straight conference crown.....Result: USC 45 Cal 24
5. Maryland at Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech at North Carolina:  Both games feature a division leader, and both games feature teams looking for renewed respect.  Virginia Tech and North Carolina have been at the cusp of greatness this season only to find their hopes crumble before them.  Maryland and Georgia Tech represent two teams new to their positions and look to defend them and meet each other in the ACC title game......Results:  Maryland 13 Virginia Tech 24
               Georgia Tech 37 North Carolina 27

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