Nov 9

Will The BCS Be Saved?

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Alabama passed its toughest test to date, winning on the road at LSU Saturday, but still has two more huge games left, one of those being a conference championship game. Texas Tech is in nearly the exact same situation. They have a huge game remaining with Oklahoma, and then the Big 12 Title game. These two both also have an upset trap game in-between against unranked opponents. However, if these two schools can win out, the BCS will have a 1-2 match-up between the only two major undefeated teams. Do I think it will happen? Nope.

Alabama: The Tide have two home games to finish the regular season, and they are both in the friendly confines of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Up first is a 3-6 MSU team that should be a gimme. But in today's crazy college football world, the Tide better be careful. Let's not forget that Mississippi is the only scar on Florida's schedule at the moment. But with the known fact that MSU could be an upset of the greatest kind, Coach Nick Saban will have his Tide rolling next weekend and an upset will not happen.

A week later, assuming a win over the Bulldogs, Alabama will be in one of the biggest games it has been in in a long time. This game will not be huge because it is a battle of top 5 teams. But this game will be huge, rather, because Auburn has beaten Alabama an unbelievable 6 years running. You can bet that Alabama will do whatever it takes to win this game. I know past games do not have much of an impact once the current game is underway. But is it really possible for a down and troubled Auburn team to extend the streak to seven years in a row, at Alabama, in the Tide's dream season? I think Alabama wins out in the regular season.

For Alabama, and their side of this BCS thing, the trouble for the Tide comes in the SEC Title game against Florida. The Gators are perhaps the best team in America, depending on how much you have gotten to see the other top teams play, and will pose a real problem for Alabama. Besides being big and physical, like the Tide, Florida has some play-makers that can open things up real, real quick. Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin can turn a close game into a 35-10 blowout in a matter of minutes. I think Florida pulls the upset in the SEC Championship game.

Texas Tech: No doubt about it, this team is for real and this team is on fire. The only problem is they have Oklahoma and the Big 12 Championship game on their schedule before a chance to play  Like Alabama, they also have an upset chance when they face lowly Baylor, but Baylor really sucks. What it boils down to for Texas Tech is the game at Oklahoma. The Sooners are loaded, and played Texas in Dallas to one of the best games of the season before losing close a few weeks back. Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are all in the same division. Whichever team comes out of that division alive, and right now the ball is in Texas Tech's court, will face Missouri in the Big 12 Title Game.

Texas Tech is two big wins from playing for the crystal football. Yet they are one loss from having no shot at all. The downfall for them will come in the form of at loss at Oklahoma in two weeks. With my predicted alabama loss to Florida, the BCS will stare in the face the splatter on the wall of seven teams with one loss. Hmmmm.

The BCS will not be saved. As much as I like Alabama, and as much as I enjoy watching Texas Tech sling it all over the field, the BCS will not see these two face off in early January because the remaining slate for both will deal them each a loss. I know, I know so far they have navigated their respective schedules, taking it one game at a time. But they both have had luck, and eventually that luck runs out.

It is unfortunate when you lose just once in thirteen tries and you do not get the chance to play for a championship. But if I am correct, and Alabama loses to Florida and Texas Tech loses at Oklahoma or in their conference championship, then Florida, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Alabama and Penn State will all have just one loss.

I am at a loss to what to type right now. I would love to know that both Alabama and Texas Tech will win out and that we will see a great matchup of defensive and running-game minded Alabama against wide-open Texas Tech in a one game battle for a true national champion. But the other side of me only wants to see them both lose so that the BCS is stuck looking worse than ever before.

Man, this is such a mess, but so easy to fix. Just let these seven teams, plus one more, play each other.

College football is my life, why must my life be so wierd?


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