Nov 16

The ACC Mystery

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After another weekend of upsets, the ACC finds itself with two heated division battles. Miami and Maryland head up the Coastal and Atlantic divisions right now at 4-2 each in league play. But they each have two tough ACC games remaining. The conference continues to beat up on itself as the two division winners will likely have three conference losses each. That's balance. And the race for Tampa is wide open.


Florida State was looking to have a promising resurrection of sorts, until they went from 7-1 to 8-3 after facing Georgia Tech and Boston College. North Carolina had made two runs up the polls this season (after losing ealy to Virginia Tech), rising to the top 20 twice, until they were stopped first by Virginia and then by Maryland. And the Terrapins would be cruising into the top 10 if not for a 31-0 thrashing at Wake, and the typical Thursday Night VT death-sentence.

Every league beats up on itself - that is simply the nature of having every one play each other. But with no clear-cut team to run away with things right now, the ACC is week in and week outthe biggest free for all in the country. What the league needs now, is a strong ending to this season to earn some respect. When this league steps up, it will step up as a whole because it is so even. Just a few out of conference wins would put the ACC in prime position to return to solid crediblity in 2009.

It seems as if the winner of each ACC division will have three losses, which is incredible, and why you dont see any ACC teams in the top 20. Teams like Maryland and Wake Forest, with little national name power, can beat you in a heartbeat, and suddenly teams like FSU, VT and Miami - teams that do have name power, drop from the polls.

In the coming two weeks, Maryland must face BC at home and travel to FSU. I see them losing one of those two. Miami must travel to Georgia Tech and NC State, and I wouldn't be surprised if they lost both. It will not be decided until the final weekend who will go from each side to the championship game in Tampa. The chances are, it will come down to tiebreakers in the head-to head results. And with all of the craziness this season has brought about, it would take hours to figure that one out!

Atlantic Division
Maryland                            4-2          7-3
Florida State                       4-3          7-3
Wake Forest                       4-3          6-4
Boston College
                  3-3          7-3
Clemson                              3-4          5-5
North Carolina State           2-4          4-6

Coastal Division
Miami (FL)                          4-2         7-3
Georgia Tech                      4-3         7-3
North Carolina                    3-3         7-3
Virginia Tech                      3-3         6-4
Virginia                               3-3         5-5

Duke                                   1-5         4-6

The ACC will have its chances to get back to national respect. FSU hosts Florida in two weeks, though I dont think that is the game ACC fans are banking on! The Gators may be the nation's best team. Still, I think FSU can play them close, and in a rivalry game, who knows! Also, GT plays at Georgia, which will be another tough game. Clemson plays South Carolina in a game where, for a change, the Cocks will have more on the line than Clemson. Then come the bowl games, and this is where the ACC needs to shine. With 6 or 7 teams set to take the field against teams from other ceonferences, the league must take home a winning bowl record. 5-2 or 6-1 would go a terribly long way in silencing the critics of the league.  

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