Dec 4

Championship Weekend

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For four of the six major conferences, this is Championship Weekend. Penn State has won the Big-10 and Cincinnati has wrapped up the Big-East, but for the ACC, Big-12, Pac-10 and SEC, this weekend is the top of the mountain. The Big-12 and SEC take the spot-light as both league's showcase games will have a direct impact on this year's BCS Championship. Southern California, Texas and Penn State will be watching (along with every other sports fan in America) to see if they have any shot to sneak in the BCSCG.

Big-12 Championship Game - Saturday, 8 pm eastern - ArrowHead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

#19 Missouri Tigers (9-3) vs. #4 Oklahoma Sooners (11-1)

Everyone knows the big story by now: The Big-12's way of deciding a three-way division tie turned out to be a train-wreck. But, for the sake of argument, Oklahoma is arguably the best team in the country at this time. All you hear is Florida this and Florida that on the radio talk shows and on TV these days. Well, I'm telling you that OU would give the Gators all they want and then some. Oklahoma destroyed Texas Tech and then put up 61 on the road to get by Oklahoma State. Yes, they lost to Texas, we all know, but look what OU did to the TT team that beat UT. See what I mean? It's a mess.....And as for Missouri, they started the year ranked 7th nationally and many thought they would be the class of the Big-12. They still could be if Chase Daniel gets hot. The dude has 12,060 career passing yards and 96 tds. The chances of him getting hot are certainly there. Plus Mizzou is probably sick of hearing about the Sooners and the South division in general......OU  43 - 37


SEC Championship Game - Saturday, 4 pm eastern -  The Georgia Dome - Atlanta, Georgia

#2 Florida Gators (11-1) vs. #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (12-0)

Alabama wins this game. Period. Here's why: The Tide is a big, fast, physical football team that won 12 games in a row for a reason. They are well-coached, they play on every down, and they control the clock. They have a counter to Urban Meyer in one of the sharpest minds in the game in Nick Saban, and the Tide defense is smothering. On top of all of this, they have ears. And those ears have been hearing for weeks now about how Florida is going to run them out of the Georgia Dome. Yeah, the Gators are bad-ass, no doubt about it, but it will be hard for Tebow and Harvin to do their thing when they are being harassed by equally athletic defenders all night. #1 vs. #2 in the Georgia Dome - Hell yeah!!!! ....  BAMA    28-20


ACC Championship Game -  Saturday, 1 pm eastern - Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay, Florida

#18 Boston College Eagles (9-3) vs. Virginia Tech Hokies (8-4)

If you would have asked the general football fan in September which ACC teams would be in Tampa for this game, most (including ACC fans) would probably have said "who cares?". But, now, after a season of not only repair but a dang solid out-of-conference record to boot, the ACC will now see who is best between BC from the Atlantic and VT from the Coastal. Being the most balanced league - by far - of the six major conferences, this game is very hard to pick. Both teams come in at 5-3 in the ACC, and will be playing a rematch of lastyear's title game, which Tech won 30-16. This will be the two teams fourth matchup in two seasons, with the Eagles beating the Hokies in Blacksburg in the game just before last year's title game, and then BC winning at home earlier this year over the VT in October 28-23. If Tech wins, they will be 2 for 2 in the ones that mattered most....VT    20-10


Pac-10 deciding game -  Saturday, 4:30 pm eastern - The Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, California  

#5 USC Trojans (10-1) at UCLA Bruins (4-7)

Ok, so this game really doesn't have squat to do with UCLA except that they could piss in their hated neighbor's yard. USC on the other hand, by smearing the Bruins into the dirt, would not only clinch the Pac-10 title (isn't that every season now under Carroll?), but would also keep alive an outside shot at a BCSCG appearance should Alabama and Oklahoma lose. The Trojans are probably the one team in America that wants a playoff the worst. They are as solid and deep as any team in college ball. But they slipped once, and will probabbly be punished by having no chance to play for it all. Florida lost to Ole miss for goodness sake, and yet USC's one loss is a deal-breaker?....USC   55-10



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