Jan 7

More Than A Game Sometimes

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Photo: USPresswire.com

I saw this photo when I was browsing through USPresswire's website, and I had to put it up. I think it is very cool that 100,000 plus fans were treated to a Stealth Bomber fly over - just look how big that thing is, as wide as the field!...Please click the photo to the right...

There is but just one more game to this season, so watch it hard! Oklahoma and Florida will put to rest the 2008 season when they butt heads tomorrow night, and I just hope it lives up to the hype. When you have a debate this fierce over not having a playoff, the BCS better deliver a doozy - college football fans deserve no less.

I always get a bit sad when college football closes. It isn't just the games that make me love this game, but rather the weekends of memories with friends, and the weekdays of talking it up with all of you guys on here and my dad and dcomitch on the phone. It is the anticipation of what your team, and yourself, may do that coming weekend that makes it all fun.

This article has no point really, I'll admit that! But I was just up late and, as always, trying to talk college football with someone. Alone on the messageboards, and seeing this cool photo, I decided to just ramble on for a few minutes, and hear you go - the masterpiece that you are now reading!

So do whatever you have to do to get ready for the big game Thursday night. Just remember once it gets here to soak it in and enjoy it, because you don't get another one for 8 months!


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