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The United States will go through a change today. With the swearing-in of a black president, Americans of all backgrounds now have no excuse to not work together to accomplish common goals. Race should never again be a factor in this country when deciding on the advancement of a white man or a black man or any man in between. Like him or not, Barack Obama ushers in a new day in America. But some things in this country will never change, and that is a good thing. Among them is a spirit to be the best nation in the world.

I am not any kind of historian or predictor of the future. I like to take a passive stance on politics to tell you the truth. And even in my vote, which I will keep a secret, I didn't try to influence anyone else to vote like I did. But as today gets underway, I feel the urge to let forth some feelings on the occasion. Today is about the country's first black president - no doubt about it. But it is also, more importantly, about the United States and the example it sets for the world. The U.S. has been the greatest nation on earth for over 200 years, and this will not change. 

When Obama stands before 2 million people and another several billion on TV sets around the world, one thing that hasn't changed since America's founding will shine through for the world to see: our spirit and our hope. Obama will be our leader, and we follow him because he is our president.

The key for Obama is to unify this nation once again. This man will go down as one of the most recognizable figures in the history of our nation and modern society as we know it, and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. He will change some things in Washington, but what will not change is that America will see hard times with him as president, as well. Today will be all about change, but let's not forget some things do not change. He will be challenged quickly and often, just as his predecessors were.

The presidency of George W. Bush cannot be judged yet in my opinion. Iraq is what he will be remembered by, and I feel it is still too early to tell if that mission is a success or not. Worldwide, he has put Americans into a controversial position to take a stance on the war in Iraq. But here is a question: If Baghdad hosts the 2056 summer olympics, is George W. Bush still a bad president and historical figure? Exactly.

Our people have asked for change, and they will get it. Obama is as different as Bush as can possibly be. But that is where our country will show the world again today just how great it is. Some people in our nation, quite a few actually, aren't wanting this "change" so to say. But in a country that is willing to adapt for the better good, those that did not vote for Obama will still respect him as our leader.

Take all of this in with open eyes today, because it is not just about Obama becoming our first black president, but rather about the beauty of the United States listening to what the people have asked for. There is no reason to judge others based on stupid, absurd things such as skin color or which higher being they believe in - after all, isn't that the stance that our country was founded on anyway? Hopefully today will put an end to that sort of stuff forever. I have no doubt that the United States would be just fine no matter what color our president is, but this day was long overdue.

Today, the President of the United States will change, but the fact that America faces problems does not. Our ability to join together for a common cause will carry us through as always - and that will never change!


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