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Future Big Men On Campus

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Signing Day 2009. They are the guys that every girl on campus knows about. They are the guys that are on TV as much as they are in class, or at least so it seems. They are the guys that make the crowds go crazy on Saturday afternoons. They are the Tim Tebows, the Michael Crabtrees, and the Pat Whites. They are the Big Men On Campus, the BMOCs, and tomorrow, a new batch of these guys will make public which campus they will get big on in the fall of 2009. Among these future campus celebrities: Matt Barkley of Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California - the number 1 quarterback prospect in America, and a Gatorade National Player of the Year.

Every year there are surprises, and right now, with all of the media attention as high as ever before, do not be surprised if several high-profile recruits pull a little signing-day drama to point the camera their way. The top recruit in the nation, according to Rivals.com, running back Bryce Brown of Wichita Kansas, is commited to the Miami Hurricanes. But many insiders think he may go otherwise at the final minute. He only visited three schools, and Miami was not among them.

Other players have saved their college choice announcement for this big day, even though they may have decided weeks ago. Yet others still may not announce for days and weeks to come, setting up their own personal day in the spotlight. But most players still sign on the dotted line as soon as the clock strikes the appropriate minute, and watching the fax machines ring all day and checking your favorite team's website for the latest breaking news and rumors is half of the excitement throughout the day.

According to Rivals.com the top teams going into today's events are:

1. Ohio State

2. LSU

3. Texas

4. Alabama

5. Southern California

6. Michigan

7. North Carolina

8. Florida State

9. Miami

10. Georgia

Others near the top 10 include Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Arkansas, Stanford, Auburn, Texas A&M, UCLA, West Virginia, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and Nebraska.

As usual, the big names are up there in LSU, USC and Texas. Alabama is putting back-to-back top 5 classes together under Nick Saban, as well. And Georgia, FSU and Miami are no strangers to bringing in the top players in America, either. The SEC has six of the top 15 classes according to Rivals, so things will stay hot in that conference in the coming years. But the ACC, among other leagues, is recruiting well also, with three teams in Rivals current top 10. Under Butch Davis, UNC will be playing in the big-time sooner rather than later. And Michigan seems to be getting the players they need to fit Rich-Rod's system in Ann Arbor.

Today is a great day across the USA. These players will be house-hold names for their respective schools' fans, and tomorrow is the first news many fans will get of these players. I know I can't wait to see who my team gets, and I will be checking the radio and the web all day to keep track....Dcomitch, keep me filled in brother!


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