Mar 1

He's Back, and That's All That Matters

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In his first event back from knee surgery, Tiger Woods went 1-1 in match play in the Bobby Jones Bracket of the Accenture Match Play Championship at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Arizona. He defeated Brendan Jones 3 and 2 before losing to Tim Clark 4 and 2. But the score is not really what is important here. Yes, Woods winning would have been a great story. But, what is truly pleasing to see is that the best player on our planet is back to a world-class level of play and is healthy. For that, we will all have a better PGA Tour in 2009.

I wasn't planning on writing tonight. But as I looked through the photos USPresswire had posted up from over the weekend, I came across this one and figured I would put it up. The scene is one of incredible beauty, and one of Tiger preparing for a season of another cluster of trophies. As I look at this photo, I wonder "what will he do next?" He has already won all of the majors and has more highlights than any golfer could ever dream of. He could retire tomorrow and be argued as the best ever.

But as I look at this photo, I cannot help but wonder what we will be talking about over this spring and summer concerning this man. We all know he will do something amazing, it is just a matter of what. Can he win all of the majors in the same season? Can he win just one major this year after such a tough surgery? Can he continue to handle the pressure of being so talented and so under the microscope?

Tiger is among my favorite athletes at any level of sport, and it isn't just because he is so dang good at what he does. There are several reasons I truly like Tiger. The first is that he understands history, and he appreciates it. He knows not only the records he is chasing, but what it will take to break them. He never - no matter what - downplays a record set by a previous golfer. He is not required to be such a historian of the game, but he chose to be, and that goes a very long way in my book.

The second (and more important) reason I like Tiger Woods,  is his competitive spirit. He wants to win so bad it isn't funny, and I dig the crap out of that. I have failed so many times in my life at various things that I would rather not go into further detail about it. I spend a lot of time wondering about some of the decisions I have made in my life, and wonder why I made them. And then I watch Tiger Woods and see just how bad he truly wants to do something, and I realize that while I am not as talented as he is, or as succesful as he is, we both have goals of wanting something badly, and share that same drive to kick somebody's ass, whoever that is, at something, somewhere, somehow. And, that while I may not have the same track record as El Tigro, I share at least one or two qualities with a man I look way, way up to!

He defines competition, which is sport itself, and that is why I like Tiger Woods. He walks to his next shot in the photo above, and you can't help but wonder how many great moments are in the steps ahead for not only him, but for all of us as sports fans....

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