Mar 15

The Big East Gets Three!

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In a historical season, the Big East Conference will have three, yes I repeat three, number 1 seeds when the NCAA Tournament tips off later this week. UConn, Louisville and Pittsburgh will be your three top teams in three of the four regionals. North Carolina from the ACC will be the other number 1 seed.

I know the conference had a good year, but to me this is pushing a point just a bit too far. I mean, yeah, give 'em two - that would be a nice reward. But three teams from the same league getting top seeds is ridiculous. Look at Duke, the ACC CHAMPION not getting one. Look at Memphis at 31-3 not getting one...Come on! This all but ensures a trip to the Final Four for the Big East - which may have been the point by the selection committee anyway. There are a lot of good teams out there, but is just a number, and perhaps upset city will play out and it will take care of itself.

Unless I counted wrong, which is totally possible with the Big East having like 20 teams, the ACC ended up with seven in, while the Big East got seven in, as well. FSU will have a first round match-up with Wisconsin, same as its bowl game. Duke is a 2 seed, Maryland a 10 (strange for them, but lucky to be in) and Clemson, a 7,  will tangle with Michigan. BC and USC is an interesting first round game.

West Virginia, who made a nice run in the Big East tournament, will come in as a 6 seed and face dayton. The rest of the Big East seems to be a 1 or 2 seed and should take care of business in the opening round of play. Again, with so many teams, I may have overlooked a Big  East squad.

The SEC Champs, Mississippi State, come in as a 13 seed and will face Washington. Purdue, champs of the Big 10, will play Northern Iowa in round one as a 5 seed. The Big 12 Champs, Missouri, will play 14 seeded Cornell to get started. And the Pac 10 champ, Arizona State will play Temple as a number six seed.



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