Apr 12

Happy Easter!

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Can Tiger Do it? There will be no shortage of entertainment this Easter Sunday as the stage is set for a great finale to the top golf tournament in the world. The course has played to lower scores than normal, and eleven under par is where our leaders, Angel Cabrera of Argentina, and Kenny Perry of the United States, stand going into the final round. Tiger Woods, the top player in the world, is seven shots back and will be paired with world number two Phil Mickelson, who has the same score of four under. If one of these two is to challenge for another Green Jacket, a historic round will be witnessed today.

Tiger Woods has done many things in his career that already place him in the Hall of Fame, and arguably, at the young age of 33, as the greatest of all-time. He has dominated tournaments and he has battled in back and forth tournaments. But never has he come from behind to win a major as he will have to do today if he is to win his 15th. He has never won a major when trailing after 54 holes - and that is where he is right now.

When you are in the midst of watching greatness, it is stupid to write-off the one who is providing that service. But asking a player to come back from seven shots to win is a lot even from Tiger Woods. I am one of his bigger fans, but I just do not think he can do it this time. Is it him? Probably not. I think the reason Tiger will not do it this time lies more in the fact that many formidable players are ahead of him - players that are talented beyond our common folk understanding, and that are every bit as hungry for a Masters victory as Tiger is.

My money is on Jim Furyk, who stands three shots back at eight under going into Sunday's final round. His accomplishments include finishing fourth at the Masters in 1998 and 2003. Furyk once rose to the number 2 player in the world and from 1999 to 2008 spent 270 weeks in the world top-10 rankings. I just get the feeling that it will all come together for this man tomorrow. He has been one of the top players on tour for over fifteen years and I feel it is his time. He is in a pack of good players, and will be paired with Chad Campbell. Furyk has one major championship win - the 2003 U.S. Open.

As for Tiger, I truly wish he would do something special and prove me wrong. I love watching Tiger play, and know that he is capable of shooting 64 and proving that he is the greatest of all-time (once again, yawn...). I can see him going two under on the front and then killing it on the back with a thirty. He can do it, we all know that. He will make a run, we all know that. It's just that so many good players are ahead of him and seven shots is a lot.

I see Tiger playing well tomorrow, and probably finishing somewhere around eight or nine under par. But, I think our winner will come in around thirteen or fourteen under and Tiger will come up short. I wish he would win, but I just don't see it happening no matter how good he is.

So all that is left now is for us to sit back and watch the unfoldings "live on CBS". If you can put up with Jim Nantz and his almost unbearable voice for one more day, we should see a great Easter Sunday at The Masters. The winner will bring drama with him to the Green Jacket ceremony, that is for sure. For if Tiger or Phil neither one make a dramatic charge for the win, a new champion will be crowned, and that is always fun to see!

But Let us just remember this as we watch the happenings tomorrow from Augusta: No matter who wins, or how great and dramatic it is, it still isn't college football!

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