May 22

Eastern Conference Finals

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LeBron does it all once again. To keep his team alive, LeBron James scored 37 points, pulled down 14 rebounds, and dished out 12 assists for his 4th career playoff triple-double in a 112-102 Cav win. You hear his name enough to get sick of it, but the fact is James is just that good. If we do not get to see him play in the Finals, whether against Kobe or Carmelo, it will truly be a shame. The Magic are still in the advantage in this series, but with James playing, two more wins are not out of the question for Cleveland.

Cavaliers look to bounce back. The situation in Cleveland does not look good, but do not count the Cavs out just yet. With LeBron James averaging 42 ppg over this series, do not be surprised if Cleveland wins tonite to crawl back into the series. Will it be tough? Yes. Is it possible? Yes.

Magic Prove to be Too Much in Game 3. The Orlando Magic took home-court advantage away from the Cleveland Cavaliers with a convincing win Sunday Nightat Amway Arena in Orlando. Though the margin of victory was only x, the game seemed to constantly be well in control for the Magic. LeBron James score 41 points, but 18 were from the free-throw line. Outside of the paint, James was just 2 for 16 from the field. Game 4 is Tuesday Night in Orlando.

Cavaliers to try to take series lead. After LeBron James remarkable last second three-pointer to win Game 2, the Cavaliers take their show on the road to Orlando for Game 3 tonight. The Cavs will have to endure a tough atmosphere as the Magic will be thinking NBA Finals themselves. In what has been one of the more entertaining NBA playoffs in recent years, expect no less tonight.

LeBron must step up now. With a shocking (to some) victory in Game 1, the Orlando Magic have put the pressure on Mr.Everything LeBron James to deliver. After winning their first 8 playoff games, the Cavaliers and Dwight Howard took the first game in the series as if they were supposed to have it. Now, if LeBron James is going to convince people he is the best player in the world and begin to throw him into talks with the all-time greats, he must step up and take the series to a personal level.

Michael Jordan did not always have the best supporting cast, but yet he nearly always found a way to win. LeBron is being compared to Jordan in many ways, so I believe now, with a good team with him, and home-court advantage in the conference's final round, he must deliver a series win and reach The NBA Finals and play for a championship. The Cavaliers are aonly down one game. But with LeBron cramping up at the end of game 1, and Dwight Howard breaking backboards, and the next three games after tonight being in Florida, the Cavaliers are clearly in a MUST-WIN situation.

You can bet the ranch that Cleveland evens this series up tonight!

Series Preview (by Ashton Williams):

Well I'll be. Patrick Ewing finally came through on a guarantee. In a grueling 7 game series, The Orlando Magic knocked off the Boston Celtics at The Garden. After Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard, and head coach Stan Van Gundy's very publicized disagreement, Orlando went on to take 2 games in a row to finish off The Celtics. It is now official, we are going to have a new NBA champion. Orlando's opponents will be... wait, who are Orlando's opponents?

Oh yeah! The #1 seed Cleveland Cavaliers have been waiting on their opponents for so long, its almost easy to forget they're still in it. The Cavs have made light work of their playoff opponents, sweeping both the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks. If you're betting, I don't advise anyone to consider rust a factor. Lebron James wants his first NBA title as much as anyone ever has.

The schedule for this series is as follows:

Game 1: Orlando 107, Cleveland 106

Game 2: Cleveland 96, Orlando 95

Game 3: Orlando 99, Cleveland 89

Game 4: Orlando 116, Cleveland 114

Game 5: Cleveland 112, Orlando 102

Game 6: Saturday , May 30 8:30 PM Eastern (If Necessary)
Game 7: Monday , June 1 8:30 PM Eastern (If Necessary)

As the high seed, The Cavaliers have home court advantage. Games 1, 2, 5, and 7 are scheduled to be played at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Both Stan Van Gundy and Mike Brown have their hands full, as this series posts some interesting matchups. Both teams always find ways to get someone open near the perimeter for a high percentage shot, and it normally goes down. This puts a spotlight on Mo Williams and Hedo Turkoglu, whose have been on fire. Cleveland is the favorite to take the series, but this will be a heck of a lot tougher series than their previous walkthroughs. If Van Gundy lets Dwight Howard dominate, this could have all the makings of a classic.

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