May 31

Peanut and Jordan, Here's To You!

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Every now and again, the Big Guy Upstairs gets out the hammer and hits the nail right on the head. This past weekend, he really smacked one home...Amidst a perfect backdrop on the Ashley River, I was reassured of why we wake up everyday and try to do the best that we can...

Many of you that read this know Peanut, but many of you do not. Nut is an interesting character, and to say that he was cut from a little bit different pattern of cloth than the rest of us may be the under-statement of the millenia. He is a master of leisure sports from bocce to ping-pong to corn-hole, and he has never met a dog or a cat that he didn't like. You will never find a bigger sports fan - or on top of that, a bigger Clemson fan. And as we went through our college years, he redefined what the phrase "life of the party" meant.

But the main thing about my man Peanut isn't all of the fun and funny things he does. The great thing about him is that he would do anything for anyone at anytime - stranger or not. And thanks to that attitude that both he and his family live out, the wedding ceremony that he and his new bride, Jordan Haller Bouknight, experienced this past Saturday could not have been more fitting and more perfect.

This was a great day for them, but I needed this, too. You see, I haven't had the best three years of my life the last three years. I don't want to get too far into it and bore you guys to death about why, but let's just say that some of these articles you have read since this site has been founded in 2006 have been written with a lot more on my mind than college football. Over this time I have spent many, many hours pondering my place in this wild crazy world - and sometimes those places I pondered weren't exactly where I had imagined my place would be when I began to map out my life years ago!

But through this tough time, just as through all of our good times, Peanut has been there for me. He's been there for laughs, he's been there to help me put things into a better perspective, and he's been there to help me not take life so dadgum seriously. So to see my good friend enjoy such a wonderful time meant a lot to me in reassuring my feelings towards this strange world in which we live.

I really do not know where I am going with this. I guess the point of this wrtiing is to say that just when you think you have truly lost touch with why we try to do our best, and why we go on, life deals out moments like this weekend to get you back on track... Amidst a perfect backdrop of the Ashley River, I was reassured of why we wake up everyday and try to do the best that we can...

The Wedding.

Now I have been known to tear up and get emotional, and I certainly expected this weekend to be a weekend where I was constantly trying to keep those emotions in check. But it was strange as I never had to battle back tears, even though the weekend was filled with slideshows and speeches and toasts to my closest friend of all these years. There was just a comfort level in the air of this whole weekend, and the joy of seeing how happy Peanut was to have all of his friends around for his wedding went way past what any shed tear would have brought.

The wedding itself was very laid back and casual - a perfect fit for the demeanor of both Peanut and Jordan. Set on the banks of a very historic river, the ceremony had no rehearsal (major points), but yet went off without a hitch. The bridesmaids wore sundresses, the groomsmen wore flip-flops and shades, and we were even lucky enough to have a boat cruise by in the background during the ring exchange! The weather was great, the suits were awesome, and Jordan looked beautiful - it was just a great experience.

So as we all had a good time celebrating this occasion, it was a reminder to me that the Big Guy Upstairs knows what he is doing from time to time. He knocks you down and humbles you, and makes you wonder just why in the world some things happen the way they do. But every now and then, at just the right times, when you really need it, he gets out his hammer and builds moments like these to keep you going.

Peanut and Jordan, congrats!


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