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These two chants will meet each other somewhere in the airwaves above the world's two largest oceans as they were loud in both meaning and decible level. In Europe, team USA defeated Spain, the world's top team - to advance to the final of the Confederation Cup. It was a HUGE win for USA soccer. Meanwhile, in the heartland of the United States in Omaha, Nebraska, the LSU Tigers won their sixth national championship by beating Texas.

Team USA beats Spain.

I have a very hard time figuring out how the soccer world keeps track of rankings, etc...But I do know this; Spain is currently the top ranked club, one of the top teams in the world, and its very own Barcelona Squad  - which has many players on Spain's national team - just won the Champions League title. The Spanish national team had not lost a game since 2006, when they lost to Romania. The Spaniards had also not given up a goal in over four matches. When the World Cup rolls around from this same South African venue in 2010, Spain will be a favorite.

As for the United States, the members of team USA are often ridiculed for not being able to breakthrough into respectabilty in the international soccer community. With this huge win over Spain, 2-0, Wednesday, the world will have to pay attention to USA soccer. The win puts them in the tournament final Sunday against either host South Africa, or perennial power Brazil.

This win does not signify that the United States is set to make a big splash at the World Cup. However, it does tell people that USA soccer is certainly not on cruise-control and pleased with being middle of the pack on the world scene. Team USA showed with this win that America is still fighting hard to become one of the top teams on the planet, and that it now is capable of beating any country if a few things go there way.

LSU wins sixth national championship.

The Tigers of LSU will have folks nationwide going to bed with the so-recognizable chant of "LSU! LSU! LSU!".....Known already for their rowdy, loyal fan following in football, the Tigers from Baton Rouge showed the nation they can make some noise on the road in baseball as well. An estimated 10,000 LSU fans made the trip to Omaha for the final, and made this chant one that Texas fans will be hearing for years to come.

The chant started early and often as Jared Mitchell sent a three run shot into the Rosenblatt stands for a quick 3-0 lead before Texas knew what hit them. The MVP of the championship game was S Ochinko, who - just for good measure with a 10-4 lead in the 9th inning -  hit a bomb deep into the dark Omaha night setting off a thunderous chant from the Tiger faithful.

LSU center fielder Mikey Mahtook also had a huge series for the Tigers. Just a freshman, he got many clutch hits and RBI's throught the College World Series. He also played some very solid defense. Early in the game, with LSU holding onto a 4-2 lead, Texas seemed to have gotten a big rip into the gap with two men on base. But Mahtook made a spectacular play to save a couple of runs, and the Tigers got out of the inning.

Texas tied up the game in the 4th inning on a home-run, but after that it was all LSU as the Tigers scored five runs in the sixth, one run in the 8th, and the bomb from Ohcinko in the 9th for a little icing on the cake. In the bottom of the 9th, three straight strikeouts sent pitcher L Coleman into bliss as he hurled his glove 50 feet into the air and prepared to be on the bottom of LSU's sixth dogpile on the mound at Rosenblatt Stadium.

The Tigers are now tied with Texas for second place all-time in national championships. Southern California is the national leader with 12.


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