Jun 27

LeBron In The NFL....Why?

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This one may come off as a complete rant, so I want to go ahead and ask early. Why do people think that basketball star, Lebron James, could play football in the NFL? Ever since that commercial came out with Lebron announcing that he was going to follow his lifelong dream and play for the Cleveland Browns, people have all of a sudden had the bright idea that Lebron should actually go out and have a successful NFL career.


ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! Have you ever seen Lebron James play basketball??? Hold on now, let me get right. I am NOT saying that Lebron is a bad basketball player. Lebron is an AMAZING basketball phenom. His basketball skills have nothing to do with my point. Here is my point...

If you watch NBA basketball, you know this, and if you're a Cleveland fan you have to admit this: Lebron James gets hurt more than any other player, without actually getting injured. Once again, this is nothing to do with his basketball skills. Lebron James pretends to have the pain tolerance of a moist vanilla cake. He is the only man I've ever seen get touched on the arm, and somehow show all the symptoms of getting his kneecap knocked out of place.

Now I want you to imagine what would happen if Troy Polamalu or Brian Dawkins was coming across the field, full steam ahead, and collided with Lebron. If Lebron can't handle a small foul from Leon Powe, there is no way on God's green earth he'll handle a hit from Ray Lewis. We have all seen Hines Ward knock somebody out of their cleats when they weren't being aware on the football field. If Ward was to hit Lebron James like that, we'd never see him again. Heck, Ward might get a criminal charge.

I forget what show I was watching, but they were having a conversation about this. Someone was asked if Lebron could play in the NFL. The guy was like, "Yes! Anyday!" Then when he was asked what position could he play, the guy said, "Uh... umm... heck, any position!". Uh... umm... heck, any position??? WTF does that mean? That lets me know that he hasn't even thought about it! He just wanted to say something on TV. I wish I could remember who it was.

Anyway, I'll be more than happy to give him a position. At Lebron's size and ability, lets put him at defensive end. Would you like to see Lebron at defensive end? Nope. That is the last thing you want to see. On the basketball court, if you look at Lebron hard enough, he complains to the referees about a foul. What do you think would happen if an offensive lineman legally tries to block him?

"Hey ref! Whats wrong with you?? Hes holding me!! Throw a flag!" Alllll daaaaaay looooong. This is the exact same reason why one of my least favorite athletes on the planet is Cristiano Ronaldo, and soccer fans know what I mean. He can't go a full minute without complaining to the ref.

Unless you want to see a man twice your size crying real tears about being legally blocked, you don't want Lebron James playing defensive end. There is a true joke amongst NBA players and coaches that says, "Anytime Lebron James puts a foot in the paint, there is automatically a foul". This being a predominately football website, just imagine if this type of celeb favoritism was brought into your sport (or what already exists multiplied by 10).

Now, for those that think Lebron can play because he played in high school, I hear you. I know he did a little bit. He was All-State in his sophomore year before he decided on strictly basketball. However, let me ask you this question. A couple months ago, when Greg Paulus was looking for a college to play football at, did you want him on your favorite team? I rest my case.

Look, we all know big dudes. Everybody knows at least one person that looks like they need to be out on the football field. That doesn't mean that they need to be out on the football field. Some of the biggest dudes I know are cream puffs. For that matter, I am the perfect size for professional tennis player. That doesn't mean I can pick up a racket and qualify for Wimbeldon. I couldn't hold ground against Anna Kournikova. But I sure would let her hold... uh, umm, yeah.

Well, thats my opinion. Whats your opinion? Do you think Lebron James could play in the NFL? Would you acquire him if you were a GM? 

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