Jul 7

Summertime Sports Thoughts

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Whats up guys! My Bronco brother Throw-Them-BoNes had to pull a Brett Favre. Last week I had to pull a little Mark Sanford and take a vacation. Its the summertime yall! Went to visit family in Wisconsin. I'll tell you what, forget Mark Sanford. Turbulence on those planes had me feeling more like Fred Sanford. I thought I was gonna have the big one!

I've been flying for a while, but I still get shaken up a little bit. I'm a pro, but I'm nowhere near a veteran. I'm a Matt Schaub, but I'm no Steve McNair. Man, what a tragic situation about McNair. Such a respected man both on and off the field, and a tremendous competitor. Definetly need a thread on that in the NFL section.

Man, if you guys think I don't like Brett Favre, even I was overwhelmed last week. I was in Wisconsin and I'll tell ya, they are 100% anti-Brett Favre. They HATE him. Just the mention of his name infuriates them. This was my first time going up there since he has been with a team other than the Packers. When I use to go up there, all you saw was Favre jerseys. Now those same people are wearing shirts that says things such as "4get Favre". At Summerfest, there was a stand selling only anti-Favre shirts, and they were buying them up like hotcakes.

I got some pictures from Summerfest, where I spoke with and got an autograph from Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. If you remember, he was on those UCLA squads that went to 3 straight Final Fours a couple years ago. Real cool guy. Doesn't look 6'8" in person. I notice that whenever I see NBA players. I expect them to be taller in person, but they seem to be 3-4 inches shorter than I expected.

Great write up by TheTopFan about the Confed Cup Finals last week. Wow, what a match! Team USA had the whole planet stunned by going up 2-0, but Brazil was still too overwhelming. This Brazil team may be as dangerous as I've ever seen because they've added more discipline to their game now. They don't just go out there and break dance anymore. They can do so much more now than just that. Classic match.

Talking about classics, how about the Wimbeldon Finals. Andy Roddick pushing Roger Federer to all limits imaginable. Valiant effort by Roddick, but they aren't calling Federer the greatest of all time for no reason. When all was finally said and done, Federer emerged with his 15th major, breaking Pete Sampras's record. Congratulations Roger.

Hey Skull, I made it down to Chicago, but I had to go on Monday. Your boys were out of town. I think they were in Houston, but I'm not sure. I did get to hang out a little bit outside of Wrigley and Soldier Field though. I can understand why they say its an all out party when the Cubbies win. Theres nothing but bars and clubs as far as the eyes can see outside of Wrigley. Saw some of the Northwestern University buildings. Man, Chicago is humongous. I probably didn't see a fourth of it.

I'll be throwing some pictures up on the main page soon.

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