Jul 19

Golf and Religion

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I have always said (and my brother will back me on this) that you can't pray or have "spritual belief" in sports. How can you? How can one man, or one team, have the right to the win from those dviine spirits above??? As we watched Tom Watson make a run at history, we all wondered if the good Lord above was working his magic on the sports world. He was 59 years old, and beating a field comprised mostly of players in their youthful 30's. The conditions were tough, and yet he stood at the top of the leaderboard. He was a man that owned this event, having brought home the Claret Jug five times already - starting 32 years ago. So as we watched Watson make a run at having his name engraved for the 6th time, we all wondered if there was divine intervention involved. You know you were thinking the same. And then later, had to ponder.......

It just seems so strange. He was doing everything he needed to do. He struggled early in his 4th round, but then found his comfort zone and steadily grabbed the lead back as he entered the final holes. And then, on 18, with the world watching his big drive, he ripped one dead-center down the middle of the Turnberry fairway. He was an approach shot and a 2-putt away from one of the greatest sports stories the modern world has known.

And so this is where things take a twist. Every one of you that reads this knows good and well that you had some kind of thoughts in your head that a higher being was involved with what was going on here. A 59 year old golf Hall of Famer was doing the impossible, and we really love to see the impossible done. So if the impossible was involved, so then must be a touch from above. Right?

But what if that touch from above wanted to show us on this day that life isn't all about depending on "fate", so to say. But maybe it is a stronger mix of reality and science and actual execution, and a newfound lesson-learned for millions on this planet, that maybe Stewart Cink was the one that had fate on his side this day. After all, he made a clutch putt on 18, while Watson did not.

Tom watson will always be remembered by what happened earlier today. But perhaps Stewart Cink and his long-time success on the PGA Tour need to be recognized now. He had won six times before, and had contended in a few big tournaments, so it is no surprise that he broke through for a major win. So yeah, maybe their was some divine intervention going on -  it was just to reward Cink for his years and years of hard work.

This was fun to watch. I am not a golf expert by any means at all. I watch the major tournaments and that is about it. I like to watch Tiger, and I will keep up with his chase for the major tournament record of 18 that is held by Jack Nicklaus. But today, I watched in entirety the events unfold. It was amazing to see that this game is so unique. In no other sport could a man 59 years of age challenge for a trophy he won last 26 years prior, and for that , I have a newfound interest in the game.

And finally, poor Tom Watson. The game of golf - or the sports world for that matter - will NEVER see a classier, more humble, just-plain-cool guy, and nobody wanted to see him win this thing more than I did. I clearly remember my grandparents (my grandmother in particular) cheering him on back in the 80's. So tonight, while he tries to go to sleep, he will have trouble doing so, and my thoughts go out to him. For the rest of his life he will remember the too long approach he hit on the 72nd hole, and the putt from the fring that left him the putt he missed. He will be sick over it I am sure.

But we must recognize Cink. He is a great golfer, and he now joins an exclusive club: players that have won a major tournament. He was involved in what will be one of the most famous ever golf tournaments, and when the dust settled, he won.

Congrats to Stewart Cink on your first major title!

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