Sep 3

It's Next Year Again!

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Most Gamecock fans will tell you Steve Spurrier has not lived up to their lofty expectations. Those of us who passionately believed in possible SEC championships, BCS bowls, and Clemson beat downs have been sorely mistaken. We would now be content with a 7 or 8 win season 5 years into the Steve Spurrier era. The South Carolina staff has failed to coach ‘em up, keep ‘em out of jail, and make any real progress in 5 years. To all of the garnet cool aid drinkers out there, don’t worry I’m not going to blast Spurrier for caring more about his golf game than the Clemson game. The real point is the Gamecocks have an opportunity to establish themselves as the obvious choice for any elite player choosing between South Carolina and Clemson. South Carolina has a newly acquired advantage that is perhaps more important than the Ole Ball Coach himself. This advantage comes in the form of money. Finally, after years of wishing South Carolina had never left the ACC, Gamecocks have a real reason for SEC pride. The advantage is that South Carolina will receive around 20 million a year from the ESPN and CBS contracts. While the Gamecocks will not be televised like Notre Dame, they will see significantly more air-time than Clemson. I assume I don’t need to explain the recruiting ramifications this could have. There is only 1 problem; South Carolina actually has to beat Clemson on the field. We all know 37-65-4. If you’re gritting your teeth right now, you are not alone. One can only wonder if 20 million dollars combined with a win against Clemson this year could be the perfect storm Gamecock nation needs. I am sure the 34-14 loss at the hands of an interim coach is still painful, but as every Cub fan says, there is always next year.

Well……. It’s next year again!

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