Sep 4

The Blount Punch

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I want to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the Boise State/Oregon hatred that is now coming to light. I am always checking out other teams message board to see what they're talking about. The animosity that you saw at the end of the Boise State vs. Oregon game to kick off the season is nothing new. This has been building since their controversial game last season.

Every college football team's fanbase has what is known in internet lingo as "trolls". A troll could be described as someone that goes to their rivals team's fan website for the sole purpose of starting trouble. With that being said, you would think that Oregon State Beavers fans would be the most trolls on Oregon boards. You would think that Idaho Vandals fans would be the most trolls on Boise State boards. That hasn't been the case from what I've seen as of late. Ducks and Broncos have been trolling each other's territories extremely badly for the past year.

Now this hasn't only been a thing with the fans. There have been reports of the players actually sending out messages to the opposing players during the year-long wait. So as I said, this is not just something that happened over night.

Now, my thoughts on the postgame controversy. While Oregon running back LeGarratte Blount was walking off the blue turf after his team's 19-8 loss, Boise State's defensive end Byron Hout decided to walk over to Blount and do a little wise-cracking. Hout slapped Blount on the helmet and shoulder and did his trash talking. While in the middle of getting his trash talking on, Blount reacted by throwing a perfectly landed punch into Hout's jaw. And I do mean, perfectly.

Now I know everyone has their opinions on this, and you are more than certainly entitled to your opinion. Fact of the matter is, this whole situation was wrong, and should not have happened. However, I am hearing the majority of the voices acting like LeGarrette Blount was the only one in the wrong here. That is just simply not true.

A punch is usually more controversial than a verbal crack. So it is simply going to be publicized more. At the same time though, I'm talking about as far as sportsmanship goes. Both a punch and an insult after the game is over are both acts of bad sportsmanship. A heck of a lot of trash talking goes on during the game of course. Players use it to try and get into the other player's head and get them out of their game. Some people will tell you this is a tactic, some people will tell you it is wrong. Thats up to you. However, I'm talking about after the game is over and players are shaking hands. Anyone who thinks it is cool to talk trash to an opponent after the game is over, but thinks it is unsportsmanlike when someone gets knocked out, is a hypocrite. They were both wrong, so I have no idea how there are some people looking at Byron Hout as a poor little victim.

Now from a personal standpoint. There is something that my elders taught me when I was younger.
"Whatever words come out of your mouth, you better be ready for whatever comes back at you."

With that said, Hout made up his own decision to run up to Blount, put his hands on him, and proceed with the trash talking. I am in no way condoning what Blount did, but everybody doesn't react the same. Everybody doesn't react as they should. Notice I use the word, "react". You don't even have to think to react. When someone sneeks up behind you and scares you, you don't think to yourself, "Uh oh, maybe I better jump, shake, tremble, and scream", and then yell, "AAAAHH!" 3 seconds later.

You have been waiting for a year to line up against this team that beat you on your own turf last season. Animosity to a boiling point. You finally get out there and you don't have the game you wanted. Just like last year, you lose. The opposing players are laughing, the opposing crowd is dancing. The absolute last thing you want is for someone to run up, put their hands on you, and tell you how ugly yo momma is. If you are clear-headed enough to just walk away, good for you, use that. However there are just as many people that are not that clear-headed, and would have done the exact same thing LeGarrette Blount did, and wouldn't have even known what happened until they're looking down at the dude that they just knocked out.

All in all, the fact is that both of these players acted unsportsmanlike last night. One was physical, one was verbal, but both were unsportsmanlike.

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