Sep 4

Thursday Night Recap

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South Carolina defetaed North Carolina State 7-3 early in the night, while number 14 Boise State defeated number 16 Oregon, 19-8, in the night-cap. I was surprised at the way both games went. But I guess that is what college football is anymore: a huge dose of unpredictability. The game I saw wasn't pretty, but it was still a game, and now two teams are 0-1 and two more are 1-0.

South Carolina 7, NCSU 3

Well, if you read our message boards, you know how I feel about the SEC officiating in this game. I will not go into it in too much detail, but to put it lightly, it was horrible. It is not like me to blame a game on the officials as it usually just makes you look like a whiner. But in this case I do not care what people think - the officiating was just that bad. It climaxed with a facemask call dead in front of a ref on a key punt return late in the 4th quarter. It was the 4th blatantly missed call or non-call on the night to work against the Pack.

This game was ugly from both teams, but South Carolina had a couple of big plays in the first quarter that allowed them to go up by the deciding points and then hold on. Pack running back Toney Baker fumbled his first carry in two years on the Pack's opening drive, and the Gamecocks punched it in the end zone quickly. NCSU later in the half scored a field goal by Josh Czajkowski to make it 7-3.

The final drive of the 4th quarter saw NCSU with several chances to score, but a dropped pass in the end zone seemed to define this night. South Carolina executed two big 3rd downs top burn some late clcok and hold off the Pack.

All in all, both teams just did not seem up to "game-speed" so to say. Both seemed out of sinc often, and NCSU players just looked like they had no clue what was going on at times. South Carolina linebacker Eric Norwood is a beast. He will be playing on Sundays. All-ACC quarterback Russell Wilson seems slower than I remmeber him being.

Boise State 19. Oregon 8

I didn't get to see much of this game as I was driving home late after watching the South Carolina-NCSU game with my dad in Columbia and was driving back to Greenville. But Boise State won their one game playoff into the BCS. Now, theyjust have to make sure they win the other 11 games on their schedule to ensure their qualification. The schedule is a joke from here on out, and they will go 12-0.

Oregon meanwhile must regroup. You could almost see this loss coming, so now it is time to move on to where they are still undefeated: Pac-10 play. The Ducks face Purdue at  home next week, then Utah, before getting into Pac-10 play agaist Cal. They can still be a national factor if they get it together quick.

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