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Weekend 2 Predictions

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UNC at UConn - Well, with all of the talk about the struggle of the ACC in week 1, a win by the Heels over the Huskies would be welcome along the Atlantic Coast. Now I know Connecticut isn't a big-time school in football. But they have made a name for themselves recently and it would be a good road win for UNC. UNC, 30-20.
Central Michigan at Michigan State - Dan Lefevour is the quarterback at Central, and several people right here on have mentioned what a solid player he is. However, I think South Carolina alum Mark D'antonio has a good thing going at MSU, and with home field they win this one. MSU, 35-31.
Stanford at Wake Forest - The battle of the nerd schools. Wake Forest is a let-down right now. I know Baylor is a "team on the rise" and all of that stuff, but let's face it, Wake has a veteran quarterback and 13 starters returning this year. They blew that one. Luckily, Stanford is terrible and they can bounce back. Wake, 28-10.
Marshall at VT - This game will not be close. Virginia Tech showed that they are a quality top-10 type team when they played Alabama into the 4th quarter. They aren't at that super-elite level yet, but by season's end who knows. One thing is for sure; they are better than Marshall. VT, 45-17.
Notre Dame at Michigan - You can throw "wanting this game" out the window. While you are at it, go ahead and throw "needing this game" out the window, too. Why? Because both phrases totally apply to both teams and thus cancel each other out. Duh. Charlie Weis is bigger and uglier and harder to listen to and look at than Rich Rod. I hope he gets fired first. Michigan, 30-24.
** UPSET ALERT ** TCU at Virginia - Ok, so here is where I am taking my risk this week. UVA and Al Groh have their backs slammed right back against the wall. On top of that, TCU may be overlooking the Cavs after division 1-AA William & Mary beat them a week ago. This game is a long road trip for TCU, which can present distractions at times. Virginia has top-notch players, they are just as inconsistent as any team I have ever kept up with. UVA, 28-21.
Texas at Wyoming - The only thing there is to ask about this game is 'why the hell is in Wyoming'? Yes, the Cowboys come to Texas in 2010, but still, how did they score UT as a home game and had them come to their house first? I 'm impressed. What I won't be impressed about is the score they will post as a home team. Texas, 55-14. 
UCLA at Tennessee - After a home and home series with Cal, UT is now doing the same thing with UCLA. It seems like they play a West coast team all the time. Lane Kiffin got things rolling by putting 63 on Western Kentucky. Now, Rick Neuheisel's 1-0 Bruins come into town after defeating San Diego State last week, 33-14. This will be an exciting game, and I see a UT win to send Kiffin-mania to a rocking level on Rocky Top. Tennessee, 40-30. 
Mississippi State at Auburn - This is sort of a mystery game to me. Both teams have new head coaches, and thus their teams are hard to gauge at first. Due to a strong home-field advantage (went to a game at Auburn two years ago), I will give the nod to the Tigers. Auburn, 31-20.
South Carolina at Georgia - This game will be a war. The Gamecocks offfense was pitiful against NC State. But sometimes teams tend to play to their level of competition. UGA didn't look much better on offesne, scoring just 10 points on the road at Oklahoma State. But what impressed me was how - even in the loss - UGA held Oklahoma State to just 24 points. Those Big 12 teams can really shoot it out, and that is a relatively low number. If the Dawg D plays the same Saturday, USC will have trouble scoring 10 or more points, and I think the Dawg offense can get that many if not more. UGA, 17-10. 
Vanderbilt at LSU - With so many players returning and all of that good stuff, I would love to say Vandy will win this game and go on to a big year. But the fact is that LSU is a dang good football team and is well coached. The TIgers have athletes as good as any in America. The game is in Baton Rouge, and Vandy isn't sneaking up on anyone this season. LSU, 38-20. 
Air Force at Minnesota - I have absoultely no clue who is going to win this game. I know that sounds horrrible for me to say, but it is the truth and nothing but the truth. I think Air Force is a better team, but odd things happen inside that dome. And oddly enough, Minnesota is building (may be ready now, I'll check) an outdoor football stadium. I know, I know, the game is meant to be played outdoors in the cold. But still, we are talking about Minnesota here people. If you think the crowds are bad at the Metrodome now, just wait until the Gophers are 3-6 and the game is played at 11 degrees fahrenheit. Air Force, 28-24.
Kansas at UTEP - The Jayhawks are 1-0 and sitting at number 24 in the latest AP poll after trouncing the Northern Colorado Bears 49-3 in week 1. UTEP lost in week 1 to the Buffalo Bulls. Based on those two happenings, I think it is probably going to be hard to pick against Kansas in this one. Kansas, 40-10. 
USC at Ohio State - Here is the game that will show if Trojan rookie qb Matt Barkley is the real deal or not. It isn't the 110,000 people screaming against him that will tell us the answer, but rather the hard-nosed and highly recruited Buckeye defense. If he can keep his cool, Southern California should win this game. Ohio State definetly has problems as they nearly lost to lowly Navy a week ago. But sometimes those games are hard to tell as the teams - despite what you coach them to do - often look a week ahead. This game will be a close one I think, but I see USC as the all-around better team. USC, 30-19.
Purdue at Oregon - There isn't a team in America in more need to play a game than the Ducks of Oregon. We all know the story, no need to repeat it. They will come back to Autzen Stadium at 0-1 to face a 1-0 Purdue team. The Boiler-makers beat Toledo 52-31, so they obviously have some fire power. With their running back out for the year, Oregon must find a man to step up. They bounce back this week with a much needed home win. Oregon, 38-28. 

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