Sep 21

Week 3 Recap

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WEEK 3: In my mind, this is where you get an idea of how your team is going to look this year. Things start coming together in week 3, (or they should anyways) and offenses start rolling. Here's my thoughts and opinions after Week 3's action.

I'll start with Virginia Tech's win over Nebraska. From what I saw it was a hard fought defensive battle. I was watching the game from a Wild Wings in Greenville, SC, so your opinion may differ from mine on this game. Virginia Tech has the chance to be a Top 8 team like I stated in my pre-season Top 25. HOWEVER, Tyrod Taylor is not ready for Top Ten football... Yet, anyways. (And we learned that in the Alabama Game) Tyrod Taylor has the potential, but he hasn't shown me anything yet. Taylor did come up big for VT on the final drive, making some big passes. The thing is, he doesn't lose the game for Tech, he just hasn't shown yet that he is capable of winning the game for them. He hasn't shown to me or I think anyone else that he is capable of carrying the entire football team to victory. When he does get to that point, Virginia Tech will be a dangerous football team.

Was Washington's victory over USC really a shocker? It wasn't to me. If I'm not mistaken, in my pre-season Top 25, I called Pete Carroll the most over-rated coach in America. I said it then, and I'm saying it now. If I was USC's athletic director, Pete Carroll would have been gone right after that came. I might not have let him fly with us back. (He has enough money to find his own ride.) There is no reason in the world, that with as much talent as USC has, that they lose to Washington. Not to take anything away from Washington, they played fantastic. Their quarterback Jake Locker played well and won them the game. Now, USC and their fans can argue with me that Barkley was hurt and Aaron Corp had to play.... I DON'T CARE. Point blank. You guys have enough talent on both sides of the ball to win every game and blow Washington out of the water. I don't know about you guys, but to me Aaron Corp looked hilarious in his football helmet. It looked like it was entirely too big for his head. That might have been the reason for his poor performance. I stated that USC was headed to the Rose Bowl again this year... but I don't even think that will happen. They will lose three games this year.

Auburn beats West Virginia??? I have to give Top Fan his credit on this one, because I did not have any faith in Auburn. Gene Chizik may be something after all. What helped him was the play of his quarterback Chris Todd. Heck, the kid threw for four touchdowns. That never hurts anybody thats for sure.

The biggest thing I got from the Florida/Tennessee game is that Florida is not unbeatable. In fact, they will be beaten this year. Crompton for Tennessee is terrible. Imagine what Tennesee would have done yesterday if they had a quarterback that was half-way decent... They might have won, because they almost won with a terrible quarterback. Eric Berry in one word.... SPECTACULAR. Came up big when Tennessee needed him the most. In fact, he is one of the few safeties I know that are capable of tackling Tebow in a one-on-one situation. Once again though, Tebow's leadership and Florida's speed prevail.

Notre Dame squeaks by Michigan State. As the weeks go by, I'm getting more and more impressed by Jimmy Clausen. He had a fantastic game yesterday, and seems to be getting more in sync with Charlie Weis's offensive scheme.

Georgia is back. They proved that to me last night. When you are able to fall behind like they did last night and come back proves that you have a pretty good team. (Especially when you do it on the road against an SEC opponent) I was with some Georgia fans watching the game last night and they thought all was lost when they went down 21-10. And then Georgia comes roaring back after half-time. Georgia's defense is not very good, but they proved last night that their offense can carry them to victory. Their defense came through when it mattered and once their offense got going, it never stopped. A.J. Green is one of the best college wide receivers I've ever seen. Joe Cox may not be so bad after all.

Two things I got from the Texas Tech and Texas Game: 1. Texas Tech is better than I thought they were and 2. Texas just like Florida, is beatable. Texas's defense did not do as well last night as I thought they would. Mike Leeche's offense did just what we thought they would and threw the ball 62... count 'em 62 times. Texas Tech's defense held Colt McCoy a lot better than I thought they would. Colt did not put up heisman type numbers last night with throwing two picks and a touchdown. Texas has two easy wins coming up against UTEP and Colorado before they play Oklahoma on the 17th of October. Hopefully they will have their offense going by then before they have to face Oklahoma's defense.

Last but not least... my beloved Gamecocks. Well... who would have thought we would be worrying more about our defense than our offense. Our offense looked good at some points during the game especially when it came to running the football. But it was against Florida Atlantic. Garcia played fairly well... He underthrew Gurley real bad on about a fourty or fifty yard pass. Gurley still was able to slow down and make the catch, but if we were playing a Top 25 opponent,(or just about anyone else for that matter) it would have been picked off. Gurley was almost toying around with Florida Atlantic's secondary the entire game. Jarvis Giles had a field day with 113 yards rushing on 10 carries. Our defense did pick it up in the second half not allowing any points, but we have to get better if we want to be a top team in the SEC.

Quick Hit's: (My New Thing)

1. Watch out for Dan Mullen's Mississippi State squad. They came up with a big win yesterday in Vandy. I'm not sure yet if they are a bowl team, but they could be a dangerous team to play.

2. Syracuse comes up with a big win over Northwestern. Greg Paulus stats were 24/35 for 346 yards and 2 TD's. Not bad for a point guard. Watch out for Syracuse as well.

3. Kyle Parker needs to play better if Clemson wants to be successful this year. Granted it was raining, but he did not play well yesterday. Thankfully for Clemson fans, they were playing Boston College and not Miami or North Carolina.

4. I don't know about you guys but Florida State completely caught me off guard yesterday. Just when I was about to give up on them this year, they come up with a huge win... better yet a whipping over 7th ranked BYU... That game really surprised me.

5. I'm interested to see how Miami does the rest of the way. They could be a real dangerous team come the end of the year. We are going to find out in the next couple of weeks if they are capable of being a Top 10 team when they face Virginia Tech and Oklahoma.

6. Watch out for Kansas. They are quitely whipping their opponents, even though they haven't really played anybody. Todd Reesing is looking real, real good.

7. Boise State is GOOD. Chris Peterson's squad comes to play every game I watch them. They deserve a shot at the National Championship if they go undefeated. They are better in my opinion, than Southern Cal.

8. The team to watch out for in the SEC... Kentucky. They are (2-0) and just came off a victory over Louisville yesterday. Look for them to give Florida a run next Saturday.

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