Sep 22

Big 12 Preview - Week 4

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The Big12 will wrap up their non-conference schedules this weekend, with the exception of Oklahoma that is, who will be enjoying a bye week prior to their date with Miami on the 3rd. To be perfectly honest, with just a couple of exceptions there aren't alot of real interesting games going on in the league this weekend.

Texas Tech at Houston:
This one figures to be a true shoot out, Texas style. The Red Raiders head into Houston with one of the most impressive aerial shows in the country. They are also coming off a 34-24 loss to Big12 south rival Texas, the number 2 team in the land. Leach and his Red Raiders played the Longhorns tough and were a factor till the end of the game, and of course put up insane passing numbers in the process. Jr Taylor Potts went 46 of 62 for 420 yards and 3 TDs against what is one of the better defenses in the country. In the end though the Longhorn's balance and power on offense proved to be too much for Potts and his air show to overcome.

If there is a knock on Tech it is the rushing game - which is virtually the traditional sense. While a run attack that is even average would be nice for Tech, it really isn't a part of Coach Leach's design. Tech uses the pass in alot of instances as little more than a long hand-off, so it can be a bit deceiving when you see a net of -6 against Texas in the run game for example. The rush attack is there, it's just..well passes instead of pitches or hand-offs, if that makes any sense.

All of this wont make it easy for Tech on Saturday though. Houston and their fans are reved up for the game as evidenced by the fact that Roberts stadium will host the largest crowd in it's history. School officials announced Friday that the game is sold out and figure the crowd to top the 31,818 number they saw for the 2006 Conference USA title game against Southern Miss in '06. Houston also cracked the USA Today coaches poll for the first time this season.

I have to give the nod to Houston in what maybe the most entertaining match up of the weekend. The Cougars knocked off a number 5 Oklahoma State team earlier this year in Stillwater for one reason and one reason only; they are a very good football team in all aspects. Through their first two games Houston is averaging 119 yds per game on the ground and 407 through the air, tops in Conference USA. Defensively the Cougars are just as solid, ranking first in Conference USA in pass defense, something they will have to be proficient in come Saturday. They are also an extremely well coached and disciplined team picking up only 5 penalties for 46 yds in their first two games.

Louisiana Lafayette at Nebraska:
While I fully expect the Huskers to win this one going away it's a significant game in the historical perspective. This Saturday's game will mark the 300th strait time Memorial Stadium in Lincoln will be sold out for a home game, a continuation of an NCAA record that will in all likelihood never be broken. To commemorate the game the Huskers will be wearing throw-back jerseys from 1962, the year the streak started. There is a pic toward the end of this thread if anyone is interested.
Throw back unis

The rest of the Big12 looks like this:
Missouri at Nevada
Southern Miss at Kansas
Tennessee Tech at Kansas State
UTEP at Texas
Grambling at Oklahoma State
UAB at Texas A&M
Army at Iowa State
Northwestern State at Baylor

So like I said fans, it looks like tune-up time this weekend in the Big12 as teams prepare themselves for conference play that begins in earnest in a couple of weeks.

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