Sep 25

Weekend 4 Predictions

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 Here they are, my predictions for the 4th weekend of college football. ... 

South Florida at Florida State - FSU is about to get a tough game and they know it. South Florida has risen in the last several seasons from being a pansy to being a Big East contender. They have a solid program. Still though, FSU is the better team in this game. The 'Noles have it rolling again after putting up 54 points at BYU. They are eager to make a run at the top-10 or better, and they can't let this game get in the way. I am not taking the Bulls lightly, I just feel FSU is a better team and will win at home. FSU, 38-28.
North Carolina at Georgia Tech - We will find out Saturday which team is the pretender. GT had a shaky second half against Clemson and then was demolished by Miami. If UNC knocks them off, we will know they were pretenders. On the same note, as I am not blown away by what GT has done, if UNC loses, I have to think they may be suspect as well. What I am pathetically trying to say is that with Miami and VT looking pretty strong, the loser if this game is in trouble as far as winning the Coastal. UNC, 28-24.
Florida at Kentucky - This game will give Florida a hard time early, but the Gators will win it close. Everyone tries to make Florida out like they are unbeatable, and that is hardly the case. They have a very strong two-deep, but just like everyone else, they have to get up and get dressed in the morning. Kentucky will make a run at them behind a frnzied home crowd, but Florida pulls away late. This is one of just four road games for UF this season. Florida, 29-17.
Wake Forest at Boston College - If Wake is to make a season of it and a run at the ACC Atlantic, they need to win this game. BC is down this year, and CU and FSU appear to be pretty solid. Wake must win this game to have a shot at any kind of conference hardware. Wake, 24-10.
Pittsburgh at NC State - Another intriguing match-up for the ACC gives NC State a chance to represent the conference and make up for losing at home to South Carolina in week 1. Pitt is a pretty highly regarded team at 3-0 and a favorite still in the Big East. State's offense looked horrendous in game 1, but has looked pretty good since. This is a tough game to call, but being an ACC fan, and the game being in Raleigh, I'm going to pick the Pack. This pick may not be all that justified, but Pitt isn't exactly the scariest of all teams out there. NCSU, 30-19.
TCU at Clemson - I've been saying that there is a list of about 8 to 10 teams that I wouldnt think my Tigers would have much of a chance against. However, TCU isnt on that list. So 10 times out of 10 (especially at home) I will take my Tigers unless they simply do not have a chance. I love our defense, and the offense has playmakers. Do I respect TCU? You better believe it. But I will not bet against my team at home right now unless you are on my special list. TCU may be on that list Monday, but right now they are not! Clemson, 27-23.
Miami at Virginia Tech - The obvious question this week is whether VT can be an elite team by winning back to back huge games. It is an awful lot to ask to play Nebraska and turn around the next week and play Miami. If you are a Hokie fan, your schedule is a dream though. Bama to get things started and then two dynamite home games like this?! Those fans are gonna be spoiled in future seasons! I just think Miami is playing very good ball right now, and the emotional roller coaster for VT is too much. Miami, 26-20.
Arkansas at Alabama
- You have to go with the Tide in this game. Alabama is the elite program of the SEC West, and Nick Saban isn't the type of coach to let his team slide at home when they are in the thick of a division title race. I know he cannot actually go out on the field himself, but it will be close enough. He will have his boys ready, and the Tide rolls big in this win. Arkansas' D gave up 52 points to UGA, and I see Alabama scoring a bunch, as well. Alabama, 42-24.
LSU at Mississippi State - This game is going to be ugly. We still dont know a ton about LSU, but I do know Mississippi State is pretty bad. On top of that, the game is in Baton Rouge. Strange things happen in college football, but I would be real surprised if LSU slips up in this one. LSU, 42-17.
Cal at Oregon - Here it is, the game where Cal can disappoint me once again. I always try to believe in the Bears to make a run at the national title. But they always come up short. With USC already going down, the PAC-10 is there for the taking. But can Cal beat a team they are supposed to beat? Oregon is no pushover by any means, and Autzen stadium will be packed. I see the Ducks pulling the upset. Oregon, 35-27.
Louisville at Utah - A few year sago you could have given Utah props for scheduling this game. Now, after the U of L has fallen flat on its face in football, it is just another easy game for the Utes. That isnt their fault, but the Utes will once again be far superior to their oppononet. You can bet Utah would love to wax a team from the Big East - and they will! Utah, 40-20.
Iowa at Penn State - The Nittany Lions will finally get a challenge, and it will come in the form of Iowa. The Lions cakewalked through their first three games, but will now actualy have to block and tackle some people. Iowa is 3-0 and a win could boost them into the top-25. Penn State cannot afford to lose to anyone if they expect to stay in the national title hunt. The Big 10 isnt strong enought for a one-loss team to get back in the scene. Penn State will be ready to show it can play - and it better be as the Hawks have beaten them 5 of the last 6 meetings. PSU, 28-17.
Notre Dame at Purdue - ND can climb back into the rankings with a win. At 2-1, a game at lowly Purdue is dangerous. The Boilermakers just lost back to back to Oregon State and Northern Illinois, so they arent a good team right now. Nothing would get them back on track like a win against in-state rival Notre Dame. But I think the Irish are far better, and will win this game on the road. ND, 30-20.

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