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The Top Fan's Top 25

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** Disclaimer** Warning, your ranking in this poll, and other polls, now means nothing. Please take safety into your own hands as you carry around your lofty ranking. A high-ranking does not guarantee you are a good team, but rather simply makes other teams want to beat you more. Thank you.  **Disclaimer**
1. Florida (4-0) - Tim Tebow got absolutley crushed, but he and the Gators laid a beat down on Kentucky, leading 31-0 at halftime. This team has talent galore. Tebow is going to be under close evaluation this week as he suffered a concussion on the play. He has two weeks to rest his dome. Next: at LSU (10-10).
2. Texas (4-0) -  Alabama (4-0) - Once again I have these two teams tied. To me, there is still not a clear separator between the two. Texas put 64 on lowly UTEP, and the Tide easily defeated Arkansas 35-7. The Horns have a bye week this week, so they arent going anywhere soon. Next: Texas vs. Colorado, Bama at Kentucky.
4. LSU (4-0) - LSU has reached this lofty ranking by not really playing anyone. Now, they get two games back to back that are very hard. The first is Saturday at Georgia. Then they host the top-ranked team in the land is Florida comes to town the following Saturday. These will be the biggest games in yeas at LSU. Next: at Georgia.
5. Virginia Tech (3-1) - The Hokies laid an old-fashioned hurtin' on Miami this past weekend in Blacksburg. Now with games against Duke and Boston College, they have a chance to climb further up the polls. The next big game is at Georgia Tech in three weeks. UNC is at home, so VT is the early favorite to win the Coastal and reach Tampa. Next: at Duke.
6. USC (3-1) - Once again, USC has put itself in position to be on the outside looking in come BCS title game talk in Deecmber. But I still feel like they will beat all of the rest of the teams on their schedule, so I have them at number six. Next: at California.
7. Boise State (4-0) - Deep breath, here we go again. It isn't that Boise State cant play. Its just that now that they have beaten Oregon, they get to sit back and relax while the rest of the country fights battles each weekend. I know we have some Boise fans on here, so I'm trying to be nice, but my high school team would win a few of those games (granted we are a damn good hs program). Next: UC Davis.
8. Cincinnati (4-0) - The Bearcats finally looked beatable in their game against Fresno state, but they still won by a two score margin. This team can really play, and with an average schedue, could easily finish the regular season unbeateen. In two weeks they will be tested at South Florida, but more than one loss for the season would surprise me. Next: at Miami (OH).
9. Oklahoma (2-1) - The Sooners had the weekend off, giving the team time to gather its thoughts before heading way South to face Miami and the now humbled Hurricanes. No matter who is at quarterback for OU, the Sooners should beat Miami. I like the 'Canes, but they are still a team growing - not a top-10 team. Next: at Miami (FL).
10. Ohio State (3-1) - Ohio State won on the road at Illinois this past weekend 30-0, but what does that really tell you? The Illini have been among the biggest disappointments of 2009, so OSU was suppposed to win like that. Still, in college football, what is supposed to happen isant always what does happen, so props on the road shutout. Next: at Indiana.
11. TCU (3-0) - The Frogs move up a couple of spots for a couple of reasons. The first reason that they move up just a couple of spots is that they found a way to win a big road game. But the reason they dont move up more is because they beat a good team on the road - not a great team. Clemson has some potential, but cant win the big game win they need it. QB Andy Dalton was impressive running and picking up key first downs. Next: Southern Methodist.
12. Oregon (3-1) - Since the opening loss to Boise, the Ducks have banded together and have gotten better each week. This past weekened they absolutely destroyed the Cal Bears. I knew Oregon had this in them as I picked this upset. 4-1 is a good possibility as they host Washington State this weekend. Next: Washington State.
13. Iowa (4-0) - I wish everyone would quit calling the Penn State win an "upset". For heaven's sake, the Hawkeyes had won five of the previous six meetings coming into this game, which appeared in Iowa's control most of the time. After an easy win this weekend, Kinnick Stadium will be out of control when Michigan visits in two weeks. Next: Arkansas State. 
14. Houston (3-0) - I shamefully still have not seen this team play. I dont know if our schedules just havent jived, but Houston and The Top Fan have not crossed paths yet. Based on what their record says though, I have them at number 14. Three winnable road games now are up for Houston. Next: at UTEP.
15. Oklahoma State (3-1) - With Georgia and Houston both remaining in the top-25, the loss Cowboys are looking better as a one-loss team. The Cowboys cruised past Grambling State in a game that I'm still not sure why was scheduler. Next: at Texas A&M.
16. Miami (2-1) - Deflated egos. That is what Miami had walking all around their locker room following a whipping at VT Saturday afternoon. The 'Canes and the 'U' thought they were back, but all they got was smacked back to Florida. I still think they are a good team, but this was a classic case of the media getting into your head and telling you that you were better than you were. Next: Oklahoma.
17. Penn State (3-1) - I like PSU, so I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it appeared as if Iowa was a much, much better team this past weekend and that PSU is missing an intangible or two. Luckily for the Lions, easy games are coming up in a three game breeze stretch. Then they go to Michigan. Next: at Illinois.
18. Kansas (4-0 ) - You know, I wonder each week why its tough for me to rank Kansas higher, and then I look at the fact that, after 4 weeks, they still havent played anybody worth a crap. The next two games arent a whole lot different. In fact, it isnt until late October (Oklahoma), that the Jayhawks play somebody pretty good. Next: Iowa State.
19. Georgia (3-1) - UGA is a mystery team. This past Saturday they got past Arizona State at home in the flooding rain that swept the East coast. The thing about the SEC that is good for the Dawgs is that they have enough big games on their schedule to climb back into the national scene if they get on a roll. They are still unbeaten in SEC play. Next: LSU.
20. Michigan (4-0) - I have never seen a coach as mad as Indiana coach Bill Lynch was following the Wolverines 36-33 victory over his Hoosiers in Ann Arbor Saturday! I feel his pain, the refs have been extra pitiful in all leagues in 2009. Anywho, Michigan is now 4-0 and hits the road in what will be a battle. Next: at Michigan State.
21. Nebraska (3-1) - It is usually never about what happens in the stands, but what goes down on the field instead. Not in Nebraska this past weekend. The Huskers sold out their 300th consecutive game dating back to 1962. That is amazing! They don't play in a little stadium either; Husker Stadium crammed in 86,304 fans for Louisiana Lafayette (55 to zip win) to break the record. Next: at Missouri.
22. Mississippi (2-1) - Ole Miss is a top-25 team for sure, but how they got into the top-5 is the very reason I put a disclaimer at the top of this article. All-world qb Jevan Snead looked terrible against South Carolina and must step up his game. Houston Nutt also could knock the dust off of the back pages of his play book. Next: at Vanderbilt.
23. UCLA (3-0) -  BYU (3-1) - These are two teams that I amnot sure about yet. I liked UCLA to start the yera - and still do - but need to see more. Same with BYU, the OU win was goood, the FSU loss was terrible. I just need to see both teams play more. Next: UCLA at Stanford, BYU at Utah State.
25. Auburn (4-0) - South Carolina (3-1) - When the new AP poll came out, and neither one of these two teams were in it, I knew right then that polls had become a joke. Both of these teams have played very solid football in 2009 so far, and in my opinion deserve to be ranked. Next: Auburn at Tennessee, South Carolina vs. South Carolina State

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