Sep 30

Is It Really Worth It?

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Forgoing this week’s SEC Rundown, I’d like to place some focus on a concern I have with one coach Urban Meyer.  Early last week, as the team was coming off the big win against Tennessee, Meyer commented on the number of starters (including Tim Tebow) with flu-like symptoms.  He was asked whether or not he would consider sitting some of the guys that weren’t 100% to give them extra rest, and his response was essentially, no. He said he would bring all his guys at whoever every time, because if you considered sitting anyone, it’s time to get out of coaching.  Seems like a real competitor, right?  

Then Saturday, his team explodes for a 31 point first quarter and takes that score into the half.  Why have your starters in the third quarter?  He’s trying to build Tebow’s stats, that’s why.  He was in the game during the third quarter in routs against Charleston Southern, Troy, and now Kentucky.  This time, though, he didn’t have a chance to pull Tebow from the game.  This time, Tebow got smashed and on the way down, hit his head on a teammate’s knee, causing a severe concussion.  Knocked out cold.

Teebow was motionless on the ground.  Eventually he sat up and was able to walk off the field with help.  Once on the sidelines, he was still disoriented and began throwing up (classic sign of concussion).  After the game, while Tebow was in the hospital, Meyer was asked about the hit, said that Tebow takes hits like that all the time.  He’ll be fine.  Now he’s talking about having him play against LSU in two weeks.

Every person I’ve talked to or heard talk about concussions of that severity (as judged by the multiple shots of him on the field and sidelines) is the minimum recovery time is 2 weeks.  That’s without hits.  How can he be expected to start in two weeks if he’s gone the whole time with no contact, and essentially no practice?  And is that wise considering concussions can have effects not seen for weeks after?

Now, I’m not blaming Meyer for Tebow’s concussion.  Things do happen.  I have to question his judgment in leaving him out there that late in the game.  And his comments the past week have been none too comforting.  Everything from “We don’t care if they’re sick; they’re playing” to “His severe concussion is no big deal.  He’ll be in there next game” (sarcasm duly noted).  I understand these days the race for any trophy worth remembering is one big beauty pageant, but we have to remember that there has to be a concern for the health of the player.  His nickname may be Superman, but we know the truth, and we saw it last weekend.
I wish Tebow a speedy recovery.  And I hope Urban Meyer will think twice the next go round.

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