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Weekend 5 Predictions

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This weekend is jam-packed with great games! Ive been doing my finger stretches getting my hands ready to teach my remote control a lesson this Saturday....
Texas A&M at Arkansas -
An interesting inter-conference matchup here. The Aggies haven't done a thing in years, so a nice out of conference win here would be huge. They are 3-0 so far this year - all wins were easy games - and a 4-0 start would create a nice buzz in College Station. Arkansas, though 1-2 on the year, is not a bad team and they will put an end to A&M's undefeated start. The Hog offense is capable of scoring a bunch against defenses not called Alabama. They lost to the Tide on the road, but most teams would. Sorry Aggies, it's back to the norm with a loss in a big game. Arkansas, 30-20.
LSU at Georgia - You can bet Athens will be straight out of control this weekend when top-5 LSU comes into Sanford Stadium. Georgia is looking for their fourth straight win, and has showed that they can score big. LSU is relatively untested, but with the talent they have recruited, and Les Miles coaching, you know the Tigers are a solid team. This game is going to be one of the better ones of the day. LSU, 35-31.
Alabama at Kentucky - Alabama is too good for Kentucky, and until Nick Saban loses a game he isn't supposed to (Sugar Bowl vs Utah doesnt count, Utah was damn good last year), I'm going to to go with the Tide. In back to back weeks UK will have hosted number 1 and number 3. Not bad for a home slate! Alabama, 27-17.
Florida State at Boston College - Like I have mentioned before, BC does not have a good playmaker on offense. The team is fundamental and plays solid defense, but will not be able to keep up with FSU on the scoreboard. BYU learned the hard way how potent the 'Nole offense can be, and with just an average offensive performance, FSU should win this game.
Clemson at Maryland - The Tigers need this game badly if they want 2009 to be a positive year. Two close losses have struck at Clemson's soul, they must take home a road victory here over a division foe. A win would have them at 2-1 in the ACC, and unbeaten against their division foes thus far. Maryland is just terrible this year, so if CU loses this one, there are deep problems with the Tigers. Clemson, 31-22.
Michigan at Michigan State - This will be a battle for blood. The Wolverines can convince me they are back to being a real good football team if they win this game. MSU is not a top-5 caliber team, but they arent bad, and this will be a very tough stadium to win on for Michigan. I am taking them to get this done and win, please dont let me down! Michigan, 22-14.
Virginia at North Carolina - On the Tour de Seeya Groh, the next stop is Chapel Hill. UNC got their tails whipped in Atlanta last weekend, so maybe they aren't as good as I thought they were. But they are still better than UVA, and the Heels should take this one. College football is crazy, but if I had to bet, I would take UNC. North Carolina, 35-17.
Ole Miss at Vandy - Ole Miss could very possibly go from being in the top 5 to being unranked in a matter of two weeks. Vanderbilt is not a bad team at all, and after what I saw from Mississippi against South Carolina, I am very unsure about the Rebels. Still, I am going to pick them to bounce back and squeek out a road win. Ole Miss, 30-26.
Georgia Tech at Mississippi State - This is one of those games that the conference fan junkies like. If the ACC loses, it is real bad for the ACC. If the ACC team wins, well, big deal right? Mississippi State sucks this year. SO really, if you are an ACC fan, not too much good can come from this game. Georgia Tech is up and down, and who knows what the Bulldogs really have. This will be close. Georgia Tech, 38-33.
Oklahoma at Miami, FL - I just think at this point the Sooners are a little better team than Miami, and have played in a lot more big games as of late. The talent at Miami is there, but the 'Canes are young and inexperienced. It all just depends on what Miami team shows up. OU is very capable of scoring 50 if they are clicking. I think Miami is on the way back, but aren't at that level yet. Oklahoma, 33-25.
Auburn at Tennessee - In a game featuring two first year coaches, the advantage will go to the home team. Auburn has impressed so far, but I also have to give Tennessee credit for their performance on the road at Florida. This will be another great game to watch, and I'm going to pick Tennessee to win at home in a crazy type game. Tennessee, 40-35.
Washington at Notre Dame - This is an odd matchp to have every year, but hey, here it is. Everyone knows of all the history the Irish have, but let's not forget Washington. The Huskies have been to 30 bowls and claim 4 national titles of their own. Not too shabby at all. As far as modern day, I think ND has a pretty good team, and will win this game at home. Notre Dame, 33-21.
USC at California - I mean, this is a total shot in the dark. Cal has all of the tools they need to get this done, but will they play like they did at Minnesota, or will they play like they did at Oregon? USC meanwhile has gotten its annual Pac-10 slip up out of the way, and is primed to steamroll the competition to create a bunch of talk in December. I still think USC is better. Southern California, 28-20.

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