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Let me remind you all that, like I have said from day one, I am a fan, not an expert. Sorry Dr. Lou, but I really don't think such a thing exists. Years ago college football was fairly predictable. Now, its a shot in the dark most of the time. Yes, college football is as entertaining and as fun to talk about as ever - but it isn't predictable at all. Yesterday I went 10-5 in the fifteen games of the Fans25.com pick'em contest. That isn't the worst mark I have ever had, but it is pretty darn close. I will now bash myself and go through the games I missed.
1. Miami 21, Oklahoma 20. I predicted that the 'Canes just weren't quite as good as Oklahoma yet. Well, apparanetly they are. I know that OU played without Sam Bradford, but still, Miami won the game straight up - so credit to them. I honestly thought that the U was a bit overrated. After this win, I need to give them more respect. Harris is the real deal for Miami at qb.
2. Auburn 26, Tennessee 22. In this game of two first-year coaches, I gave the advantage to the home team. Turns out the visiting Tigers got away with the win. Auburn was up big in this one and then had to hold off a fierce UT comeback for the win.
3. Michigan State 26, Michigan 20 (OT). In this game I predicted the Wolverines would make one more play than the Spartans in what was going to be a real close game (got that part right anyway). As it turns out, it was MSU that made one more big play than their rivals.
4. Virginia 16, North Carolina 3. In my fourth missed game of the day, I thought the Heels were far superior to UVA. After a loss to GT, I thought UNC would bounce back to get back in the ACC Coastal hunt. Wrong. Al Groh - whos seat is on fire - has his back to the wall and got it done.
5. Boston College 28, Florida State 21. Yes, I predicted that BC had no playmakers on offense and would learn the hard way that Florida State knows how to score. Wouldn't you know it, BC scores their highest point total on the season for the victory. The ACC Atlantic is wide open. (Note: In the Pick'em I actually took BC in this one as I always pick one random upset. However, in my write-up I picked FSU)
6. Maryland 24, Clemson 21. And finally, my award winning performance of the day: Picking my lowly Tigers to get it done against lowly Maryland. When am I going to learn that Clemson always plays to the level of its competition? And not only that, but when am I going to learn that it also finds a way to let one weird play steal a win a good bit of the time? I predicted CU to win by three scores - that was my dumbest prediction of the day.
So there you have it, my six missed predictions of the day. It was bad - real bad - to not only watch my Tigers look like morons at the end of the game against Maryland, but to look around the sports bar I was in and see my picks for the day collapsing all over the place. It was one of those days in the sports world where you simply say to yourself, "sheesh."
But now that I have butchered myself over what I got wrong yesterday, let me give myself a little credit on what I got right.
1. LSU 20, UGA 13. I picked LSU - in the Fans25 featured game - to win close. Not only that, but I nearly nailed the score and how it happened. I predicted a score of 35-31, which was pretty darn close. But better than that, I picked the Dawgs to have the ball last (which they did) and that the LSU defense would make a big play to end it (which they did on an interception).
2. USC 30, Cal 3. I predicted in this one that USC - now with its Pac-10 slip up out of the way - would steamroll through the competition on the way to December title talk. And Cal always does this fast-start thing followed by losing a few games midseason. So in this game I successfully predicted that USC had the horses to win this game, and they did easily.
3. The rest. I also got seven other games right, but none that were very impressive picks. Penn State and Ohio State won easily. Alabama beat Kentucky, Georgia Tech beat Mississippi State, Mississippi beat Vandy, and Arkansas beat Texas A&M in four games that were easy picks. Finally, Notre Dame held off Washington, so I got that one correct, as well.
So again, let me just remind you that while I may be one of the biggest fans out there, I have never considered myself an expert nor claim to be one. I love college football very much. It frsutrates me to death at times (referees and Clemson red zone perfromance mainly), but overall it is still the greatest sport out there. We are roughly halfway through this 2009 season, and once again we have been amazed at the crazy things that have happened that you couldn't make up if you had to!

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