Oct 9

Huskers Storm Back

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Nebraska 27, Missouri 12. In a driving rain storm in Columbia, Missouri, Nebraska looked for three quarters as if it was going to suffer its second loss of the season. With zero points over 45 minutes, and an offense that looked anemic at best, things looked grim for those wearing red. But have no fear my friends, Ndamukong Suh and the Nebraska defense came to the rescue with two fourth quarter interceptions, putting the offense in position to win the game. NU quarterback Zac Lee (14 of 33 a58 yards, 3 scores) took advantage with three 4th quarter touchdown passes.

If it wasn't the best three minutes in Husker football history, it had to be close. Three touchdowns over 3:22. That is getting it done folks. Coaches always talk about great players having to make great plays, and Suh did just that. His tipped pass and interception set Nebraska up to take the lead, and they never looked back. Suh will be playing on Sundays - there is little question there.

And for Nebraska as a team, this win will go a long way. Not only is it a Big 12 win over a division opponent, but it builds team morale to go on the road, in terrible conditions, and finding a way to win. This win showed the depth and conditioning of the Nebraska team as they simply dominated the final quarter of play. That is certainly a good sign if you are a Nebraska fan.

This game, like every college football game anymore, leaves me baffled. If you are a Missouri fan, what are you thinking today? You held a darn good team to a shutout for the first three quarters, and were staring down a nice win. Then, at the flip of a switch, the wheels come off. How do you refocus a team that gave up 27 points at home in one quarter? Hey, you gotta find a way or it could be a long season....

A good win for Nebraska, who now gets 8 days to get ready for their next opponent, Texas Tech. That game will be in Lincoln. Missouri will now go on the road to face Oklahoma State.

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