Oct 11

Week 6 Recap

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With so many games on at the same time throughout the day today, it was a workout getting as much viewing in as possible. Here is a recap as best I could do out of the hours and hours I put in watching football and chatting with folks on Fans25.com today...

Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 13 (TheTopFan's pick: right) If you based this game strictly off of offensive points, then Wisconsin won, 13-10. But unfortunately for the Badgers, defense and special teams count too, and Ohio State used 21 points on those two units for a 31-13 win. The Buckeyes looked like they were playing with puropse, despite the offense only scoring 10 points. Hey, it all counts, and OSU is now 5-1 on the season. 
Tennessee 45, Georgia 19 (TheTopFan's pick: wrong). I hate it when fans get on coaches backs who have had success, but you can bet Mark Richt is going to start feeling the heat at UGA now. Yes, his team is young, I realize that. But he is also in his ninth season in Athens and just lost to a very average UT team by 26 points and the silver britches still haven't challenged for a national title under his guidance. Tennnessee (and mainly the Kiffin clan) meanwhile, needed this win badly. They can build off of this showing and perhaps put together a second half of season winning streak.
 Alabama 22, Ole Miss 3 (TheTopFan's pick: right). You know, sometimes you get those weird questions in life like "if you could be in anyone's head for five minutes, who would it be?"....Well, my answer to that one very well may be - at this moment in time - Nick Saban. The man can flat out coach football, and does not let his team slip up in games they should win. The Tide absolutely dominated this game and the score should have been more like 42 to 3 rather than 22 to 3. Bama is the real deal folks. Why? Because they can run the ball. Tide running back Mark Ingram had 28 carries for 178 yards and a score - 6.1 yards per carry (thats 18' 4" each time he touched it) .
Arkansas 44, Auburn 23 (TheTopFan's pick: right). I am a total believer in what Gene Chizik is going to do at Auburn. But for some reason, I knew the Hogs would come out and win this game. Arkansas is awlays pretty solid, and a home game when they really need a win is tough for any team. Auburn will be fine, but this one was pretty predictable. Arkansas was led by Michael Smith who had 185 yards and a touchdown.  I have to mention Ben Tate for Auburn who had 184 yards and 2 scores, as well. Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett was 24 for 37 for 274 yards. 
Oregon 24, UCLA 10 (TheTopFan's pick: wrong). I had a couple of Oregon fans call me out on this pick, and my only response is "I stand corrected!" It wasn't that I doubted Oregon, but more that I believed in Rick Neuheisel and his Bruin alma mater. But I need to quit believeing and start looking at x's and o's. And in x's and o's, Oregon is a better team. I'll tell you who loooks good in this, really (especialy after the Cal blowout, as well), is Boise State. The Broncos beat an Oregon team that is proving to be the real thing. Keep your eye (closely) on the Ducks.
South Carolina 28, Kentucky 26 (TheTopFan's pick: right).  The Gamecocks will rise a couple of more spots in the polls after this home win. Stephen Garcia (16 of 23 for 233 yards and 3 scores) led his team well. The moment that stood out to me in this game was Garcia sacrificing his body (again) for a very key late 3rd down pickup to basically all but seal the win. The Cocks have a brutal six game stretch, but appear to have a pretty good offense. Before today, I thought the USC defense was a brick wall. I still think it is pretty strong, but I can see now that the mortar wasn't mixed quite right in a couple of places. A good win, and South Carolina is a SEC contender whether you want to think they are or not.
Houston 31, Mississippi State 24 (TheTopFan's pick: right).  I was glad to see Houston get this win. The Bulldogs are having a crappy season already, and I like seeing old-school teams forgotten get back into things. Case Keenum led Houston by going 39 for 52 for 434 yards and 4 scores. The Cougars will slide a spot or two up the polls now with a trip to Tulane up next.
Kansas 41, Iowa State 36 (TheTopFan's pick: right).  This game was on the versus channel. Any of ya'll get that station? It is good, and always seems to show a game out of region to us Southeasterners. Iowa State is not bad, despite their 3-3 record. Kansas was led by Todd Reesing who was 29 of 42 for 442 and 4 touchdowns, and is ow officially a Heisman contender.
Michigan State 24, Illinois 14 (TheTopFan's pick: wrong).  Of all of the games on TV today, this is the game I did not get to see much of. I do know that Ron Zook may never get another coaching job, though. After a disastrous stint at Florida (23-14) he is now putting on an encore at Illinois. He is 19-33 career there, and is 1-4 this year. Ouch!
Oklahoma State 36, Texas A&M 31 (TheTopFan's pick: right).  I hate to admit it, but sometimes A&M reminds me of my Tigers. They pack in 80,000 fans and never seem to do much with it. Today, they were up again late in the game, and found a way to let OSU steal the win on their home turf. 
Virginia Tech 48, Boston College 14 (TheTopFan's pick: right).  The Hokies put on a show at home for the second straight time. BC isn't a terrible team, bt VT made them look that way. People love to say that Tyrod Taylor isn't a quarterback of a top-5 team. I disagree. Today, I saw him throw some very nice balls for td passes against a decent BC defense. VT is for real. The Top 5 right now - with Bama, VT, Florida, Texas and LSU - is very true. LSU will slip, but not much.
Texas 38, Colorado 14 (TheTopFan's pick: right). - There is little doubt what the play of this game will be. As Colorado was about to go into the late third quarter with the lead, Earl Thomas ran an interception return 88 yards to the house for the Texas td and a 14-point swing. The Buffs could not afford a play such as this, and instead of being up 21-17, they were down, 24-14. From then on, it was all Horns. UT will remain at number 2 in the polls. 
Georgia Tech 49, Florida State 44 (TheTopFan's pick: wrong). - Between the weather delays and the other big time-time games on, this one was tough to keep up with. But the scoring was like the rain - it was plentiful. FSU was up 28-21 before the half was even reached. If not for two other prime-time games, this would be one of the better games of the season for TV. It has gone back and forth and is reminiscent of the Miami-FSU game to start the 2009 ACC season. My hand is getting tired on the remote!....And now 35-28 at the half. Sheesh! ....Blasting forward in time here, Georgia Tech seals the win behind a great performance from Josh Nesbitt (27 carries for 140 yards and 3 scores rushing, and 4 of 8 for 131 yards and a score passing), who iced it with a touchdown run late. If you would have told FSU that they were going to score 44 points, they would most-likely thought they had a win. Nope, and another brilliant game from Christian Ponder (26 of 36 for 359 and 5 scores) is wasted.
Florida 13, LSU 3 (TheTopFan's pick: wrong). - As I type this late in the 4th quarter, Florida has controlled this game via the Tebow short pass and the Tebow short run. Anything can happen in 8 minutes of football, but at 10-3 with that time to go, UF is in control as they have the ball at the LSU 15-yard line. If Tim is wounded, he isnt showing it. He has played well and has led his team typically for him.... A field goal just made it 13-3 Gators with 7:27 to go....Well, UF just got a sack with 5:41 to go, and it looks as if they will go on for the win....I knew better than to pick against them, and yet I did. Florida is extremely impressive, and now that I have seen this performance, and the way that Urban Meyer can guide a team, I see no reason they won't be in the BCS title game. They are a dynasty right now, and surprisingly, it is the Gator defense that is the anchor.

Iowa 30, Michigan 28 (TheTopFan's pick: right). - Iowa qb Ricky Stanzi made the biggest bone head pass of the season on the Hawkeyes first possession. But he then bounced back, and by halftime had led his team to a score of 20-14, Iowa. He finished with 284 yards and 2 touchdowns on the night in the win. Michigan qb Tate Forcier has indeed again proved to be a very qood player, and will seemingly be at Michigan for some time to come now, but he ended up splitting time in the second half with backup Denard Robinson. Robinson had led the Wolverines to a scoring drive on their prveious possession, but on their final drive, he threw an interception with :45 to go to seal the win for Iowa. Iowa had too much fire power and maintaining a two-score lead throughout the second half got it done. As I said folks, Iowa is for real!

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