Oct 16

Weekend Seven Predictions

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Another great weekend of football is ahead of us. The most hyped game of them all is probably Notre Dame versus Southern Cal from South Bend. However, let's not forget the Red-River Shooutout between Texas and Oklahoma. Alabama hosting South Carolina and Nebraska hosting Texas Tech are games which also deliver a lot of appeal. Let's get it on!

Kentucky at Auburn - This game is one of the tougher games of the day to call. Kentucky has had the bad fortune of playing Alabama and Florida in recent weeks (L and L) and then had a tough road loss at South Carolina (L). So with three straight losses, it is tough to tell if they are real, real bad, or if their competition has just been pretty dang good. Auburn has gotten off to a 5-1 start, but their competition has been much lower. I think UK steps up and gets a win here - I just cannot see them giving up on 2009 this soon. Kentucky, 26-20.

Cal at UCLA - Would someone please tell me just how in the heck I am supposed to pick this game?! These two teams are about equal in letting me down this season. I had UCLA as my Pac-10 darkhorse under 2nd year head man Rick Neuheisel. Nope, two consecutive league losses later, they look like a slim shot to do that. And the Bears, who always are preseason top 10 are now unranked already. Jeez, who do I go with here? I guess I will pick the home team as my shot in the dark. UCLA 28-24.

Arkansas at Florida - This is sorta simliar to the Mississippi game UF lost a year ago. Arkansas has no reason being on the field with Florida as the Gators are just far more talented. But still, Arkansas is no slouch program either and the upset poential exists. I don't see it happening though as Tebow has proven to be perhaps college football's all-time best leader. Florida, 42-17.

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech - The ACC finally once again has a team that is truly a legit national championship contender in VT. Now, the Hokies travel to Georgia Tech in what is a very scary game for them. After playing an amazing home slate recently that included wins against Nebraska, Miami and Boston College, the Hokies will go back to where their only loss of 2009 has been - the ATL. And Georgia Tech is hitting stride, too - winning three straight after a loss at the hands of Miami. This game will be extremely close, and I am going to pick this as my upset game of the week - sending the ACC back to the drawing boards for a national crown. GT, 27-26.

NC State at Boston College - The Wolfpack of NC State may very well be the biggest disappointment of 2009 so far. With high expectations in Tom O'Brien's third season, the Pack have been miserable, stand at 3-3 (two wins were Murray State and Gardner-Webb), and just got slaughtered by Duke (yes, I said Duke). BC, meanwhile, has had an up and down season so far. The Eagles stand at 4-2, and are a program that is good at squeaking out wins. I think they win this one, as well, and then find themselves jockeying for a decent season after all under first-year coach Frank Spaziani. BC, 31-20.

Virginia at Maryland - Just seeing the name "Maryland" right now makes my stomach hurt. I am going to be going for UVA all the way in this one. The Terps have the head to head with my Tigers in the ACC Atlantic, so I need them to lose as many games as possible. And just when I was about to write Virginia up as perhaps the league's worst team, they win two straight, including a 40-point defeat of Indiana. They stay rolling here. UVA, 24-16.

Texas Tech at Nebraska - I am an adopted Husker fan, and have studied up on their recent past. And my conclusion is this: If I were a Husker die-hard, this time now would be the most excited I have been since the days of legendary coach Tom Osborne. Second year Head Coach Bo Pelini has a workman's business-like attitude that fits in well in Lincoln. And at  4-1, Nebraska is in position to start thinking big things. But they need to not get ahead of themselves. Texas Tech can flat-out move the ball, and they have proved this year after year under Mike Leach. This game will be about the "blackshirts" (the Nebraska D), and their ability to shutdown the Raiders offense. NU needs to win the time of possession and keep that Raider O off of the field. I think they do it, but it will be a stress-fest before it is over with. Nebraska, 28-26.

Wake Forest at Clemson - The Tigers have had two weeks to get ready for this game. On top of that, CU has it's back against the wall, and in recent years that has spelled trouble for their competition. But I am not basing this win on those things. I am basing it off of a defensive unit that is very, very strong and the capabiltiy of CJ Spiller to put up six points at the drop of a hat. Wake Forest is solid as usual, but this trip will resemble their last trip to Death Valley: an L. Clemson 30-25.

South Carolina at Alabama - The Gamecocks will travel to Tuscaloosa thinking they can win this game - and that is the right attutude to have. South Carolina now has the talent, depth, and coaching to compete in games such as this. But whether they do manage to come out and compete is a whole 'nother story. Alabama has earned my respect in a bg way with their hard-nosed defense and beastly running game, and teams like that are just plain hard to beat. Alabama, 34-24.

Texas A&M at Kansas State - OK, deeeep breath. Over the years I have learned that A&M does very little on the football field. This year is proving to be no different. Both teams stand at 3-2 and have one conference win btween them (Kansas State over Iowa State). Last week, Texas Tech scored 66 on Kansas State. With a defense that pitiful, I think A&M gets a win here. Texas A&M, 28-24.

Ohio State at Purdue - Last week I was able to watch Ohio State pretty close, and I was pretty impressed with the way they took over that game against Wsconsi. Terrell Pryor isn't going to be a Heisman candidate, but he is turining into a very solid quarterback. Purdue, meanwhile, hasn't shown me a whole heck of a lot. Road games are always tricy, but I feel OSU is just much better than Purdue and will win this game. The Buckeyes are haning around, and the natinal championship is not a totally unrealistic thing at this point. Their lone loss so far was by 2 points to USC. Ohio State, 33-24.

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas) - Yes, Sam Bradford is back at quarterback for Oklahoma. But I see Texas as the better team and with a point to prove. OU will play them a pretty good game, but in the end, Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley and company win and stay in the national title talk. THis game is annually one of the more enteraining games of the year. And yes, I called it a shootout and not a rivalry. Texas 40-32.

Iowa at Wisconsin - If ever there was a "trap" game so to say, it is this one for Iowa. The Hawkeyes have crept into the national spotlight just a bit now as they are undefeated at midseason and have beaten teams such as Penn State and Michigan. Now though, they will travel to a hostile place to play a wounded and cornered Badger team. The Hawks are better, but they better be careful in this one. I am very tempted to pick this as my upset game of the week, but something is holding me back. Don't let me down Iowa. Iowa, 31-27.

Southern Cal at Notre Dame - You can look at this game in recent history, or you can look at it with x-s and o-s, and either way Notre Dame is at a disadvantage. The Irish have lost the last seven games against USC, including last year's game, 38-3. And while ND is seemingly getting better, the Trojans are still plenty of steps ahead of them. The main reason that I am picking USC to win is that when they are focused, the are damn tough to beat. They get in trouble when they play a lesser Pac-10 team to be honest and aren't focused. I dont think this will be the blowout we have seen recently, but rather a good, close game. In the end though, I still think the Trojans have more firepower. USC, 27-21.

Colorado State at TCU - The Horned Frogs need to win this game in a big way. I know they can play football, and their fans know they can play football, but the national media is still not giving TCU the love they are after. I am not one that is big on running up the score, but if they get a chance to do that in this game, they should. It isn't really fair that TCU cant just take the wins like most other teams, but that style points are needed, too. But hey, that is just the way it is. TCU 30-14.

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