Oct 21

2009 Officiating

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The 2009 college football season has had a major ongoing problem thus far.  You guessed it: officiating.  The season is only halfway done, yet many college football fans have pointed out how this season has had the worst officiating we've ever seen.  The complaints have most notably been about officials from the Southeastern Conference.

The latest controversial situation came with a bogus personal foul called in the Arkansas vs. Florida game.  Florida OT, Marcus Gilbert, was running at full speed, and was preparing to lay a hit on Arkansas DT, Malcom Sheppard.  Sheppard simply lowered his shoulders a bit and protected himself from getting crushed.  An official threw a personal foul flag on Sheppard basically because he did not allow the precious Florida Gator football player to destroy him.

The SEC has reviewed the tape and said that there is no evidence of any penalty on the play.  In other words, the SEC admitted the official made a terrible call.  Hmmm... de ja vu?  Haven't we heard this a couple weeks ago?  Thats right, Georgia vs. LSU.  To make matters worse, this was the same officiating crew that penalized Georgia WR, A.J. Green, on the bogus "excessive celebration" call.  The exact same crew!Remember, the SEC also stated on that play that there was no evidence of any penalty.

The SEC (and other conferences I'm sure) have a policy to not publicly announce the punishments handed out to their officials that, well... cheat.  If it wasn't happening so often, and if it wasn't the exact same officiating crews, then I would be in favor of that policy.  However, this has now gotten bad enough to where they need to make an example out of somebody.

What would happen if this were you or I at our civilian jobs?  What if our cash register constantly comes up short because we steal money?  What if we constantly damage good material with a forklift because we are on the cell phone while driving?  What if we constantly give a sick patient the wrong medicine because we come to work drunk?  You know exactly what would happen to us.  We would be heavily diciplined.

I'm not blaming all referees because that would be crazy.  Mistakes happen, I know that.  However, these obviously bogus calls have to come to a stop right now.  My suggestion is for the SEC to start announcing what kind of diciplinary actions they are handing out to these officials.  Football fans can see what is going on, and we are tired of it.  They need to prove to us that they are improving this situation for the young football players that leave their blood, sweat, and tears out there on that football field.  Do they not deserve it?  Do the fans not deserve it?  As long as these officials continue to feel like their cynical means outweigh the consequences, we will continue to have this problem.

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