Oct 22

Weekend 8 Predictions

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The TopFan is at 71-34 on the season, and turned in an impressive 11-4 mark last week. Can I move up the Pick'em standings a bit more this week? Here are my picks:
#13 Penn State at Michigan (3:30, ESPN) - It is kind of hard for me to believe that Michigan is unranked at 5-2, but they aren't. On top of that chip on their shoulder, they will be hungry to get revenege after losing to the Lions in State College a year ago. PSU hasn't won in Ann Arbor since 1996. Michigan, 34-27.
#3 Texas at Missouri (8:00, ABC regional) - This could be a tricky game for the Horns, so they better be ready. After a true battle a week ago, they now travel to a place that is home to a good - but young - football team in Mizzou. There will be some passing in this game as both teams average just shy of 300 yards per game cia the air. Texas, 30-22.
Iowa State at Nebraska (12:30, Versus) - The Huskers lost bad at home to Texas Tech the last time they took the field, so you can bet after a week of Bo Pelini's practices, there is no place they would rather be but not at practice! So finally after a long week, a whipping boy arrives. Prepare for a beat down. Nebraska, 40-17.
#12 Oregon at Washington (3:30, ABC regional) - The Ducks are on a roll, so this may be the last place they want to play now! Th Huskies gave LSU a scare,a nd then beat USC to gain - if only a little bit - some respect in the college football world. If they want some more respect, here is their chance. It won't happen because Oregon is to strong and is aware of the upset possibilty. Oregon, 36-17.
Connecticut at #22 West Virginia (Noon, ESPNU) - This is one of those odd games to play. If you are WVU, you have to remember that this is just football and to just go out and play as usual, as it will be hard to go out there ready to tear into a wounded opponent. If you are UConn, you bind together and just do your best. This is an impossible game to predict. Will UConn be mad and focused? Or will they be upset and disfocused? Just impossible to predict this one. WVU, 27-24.
Tennessee at #1 Alabama (3:30, CBS) - Alabama leap-frogged Florida in the poll when Florida didn't lose. I am not cool with that at all. Still, here is your national top-ranked team at home against the Vols. There is nothing in the world that Lane Kiffin would like more than to give his program a signature win in his first year. The only problem is that Nick Saban is all x's and o's and he aint havin' any of that upset talk. The Tide running game and defense will wear UT down. Alabama, 27-13.
#2 Florida at Mississippi State (7:30, ESPN) - Jenna Jamison has nothing on Mississippi State this weekend. There is no team in America that will get pounded as bad as MSU will get pounded come Saturday! Florida was just stripped of its top ranking, and there will be hell to pay. Apparently style points do indeed matter, so Urban Meyer and crew will be out for some style points. Oh yeah, Florida is much, much, much better than the Bulldogs, too. Florida, 49-3.
#25 Oklahoma at #24 Kansas (3:30, ABC regional) - The Jayhawks finally played a halfway average team last week, and they lost to Colorado. I'm not knocking Kansas, in fact I like the Jayhawks. But they were gift-wrapped a 6-0 start, and now have to buckle their chinstrap a bit tighter against some real competition. OU has lost 3 games by a combined 5 points (to teams all in the top 16), so they aren't bad. Sam Bradford or no Sam Bradford, I just think Oklahoma is stronger. The home field will give KU a good chance, but the Sooners get it done. Oklahoma, 34-28.
Clemson at #8 Miami (3:30 ABC regional) - I am going to reverse the trend here and see what happens. Clemson is finally back in a big game - a game that has some weight to it. This is a game that matters in both the Atlantic and Coastal divisions. And when Clemson finds itself in games that actually matter, they usually fall flat on their faces. So like I said, I am reversing my trend, and I'm picking Miami. Do I think CU is every bit as good? You're damn right. But until they can close the deal in a game that has some national and ACC factor to it, I've learned not to pick 'em. Prove me wrong, guys! Miami, 24-21.
Vanderbilt at #23 South Carolina (7:00, ESPNU) - The Gamecocks, need to be careful here, and I am thinking they will be. Vandy is having a rough season, and South Carolina is riding a nice record and a national ranking. This has the makings of the type game that has ruined many-a-USC-season in the past. I think Carolina is too strong for them this year though, and with the potential for a very nice bowl, Coach Steve Spurrier will have his team ready. South Carolina, 33-20.
Boston College at Notre Dame (3:30) - I think BC is finding themselves as a team. The Eagles have won three of their last four, with the loss being to Virginia Tech. On top of that, they have played extremely well in South Bend as of late, winning the last three games there and the last six overall in the series. Basically, they have dominated the Irish since 2001.  "The Holy War" they call it between these teams should be a true test this year for both, and I am baffled on who to take. I want to take Boston College because I feel they are coming together after a 52-20 trouncing of NC State to get to 5-2. But at at some point the Irish will defend home turf against the Eagles, and I think that it is this year. Notre Dame, 30-29.
#7 Iowa at Michigan State (7:05, Big 10 Network) - If Iowa is going to be for real this year, here is another chance where they will have to prove it. MSU has been in some fights, and they will be ready. Iowa must do all of the basics in this hostile type game. Protect the ball. Do not miss kicks. Use time-outs correctly. Iowa is better, but this will be very, very tough. It is very hard not to pick this as my upset prediction of the week. And that has me thinking. If I feel it is, then I should go with it. Michigan State, 30-27.
#10 TCU at #16 BYU (7:30, Versus) - "College Gameday" from ESPN rols into Provo, Utah for this battle of MWC teams. Both teams average over 400 yards a game, but TCU's is more balanced. The Frogs average 206 yards rushing and 225 yards passing while the Cougars average 306 yards rushing and 163 via the air. This is a very tough game to pick, but I am going to pick TCU because I saw them in action and they are tough. In an absoulte typhoon in Clemson last month, I saw them will a win away from my team. TCU, 24-22.
Oregon State at #4 USC (8:00, ABC regional) - This is easy, now that USC has lost its annual splash-in-the-face game, they will most-likely run the table (calm down Duck fans, we'll get to you later). USC is better, at home, and on a mission now to make the BCS. I know, I know, Oregon State has had USC's number in two of the last three years. But I still think the Trojans will win. USC, 28-24.
Auburn at #9 LSU (7:30, ESPN2) - The battle of the Tigers in what is sure to be a festive scene once again in Baton Rouge. LSU is stronger, more experienced, etc. I am very impressed with what Auburn has done so far in a transition year. But I think LSU has a defense that will keep Auburn from scoring much at all, and the LSU offense will muster enough for the W. LSU, 20-10.

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