Oct 25

Weekend 8 Recap

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Once again this week, I went 11-4 in the Fans25 Pick'em contest. Here is a recap of the games I won and the games I lost. This was certainly one of the more exciting weeknds of the season thus far...

Penn State 35, Michigan 10 (TheTopFan's Pick: wrong) - PSU flexed a little muscle yesterday in the Big House. I hadn't been super impressed with the Lions up until this point. But this is the kind of win that makes people take notice. I thought UM would have something for them, but Penn State was clearly the better team.
Texas 41, Missouri 7 (TTF pick: right) - The Horns were the only of the top three teams to put on an impressive showing over the weekend. Texas beat down on Mizzou early and often as they look to make a run at the BCS title game. They will surely pick up some more first place votes this week.
Iowa State 9, Nebraska 7 (TTF pick: wrong) - Nebraska is having some issues on offense to say the least. Eight turnovers is enough to give any coach a stroke, and Bo Pelini was probably sick on the Nebraska sideline. Props to Iowa State on the road win.
Oregon 43, Washington 19 (TTF pick: right) - For the third time in the last four games, Oregon went over the 42-point mark. There is little question that this Duck team is dynamic on offense. Thanks to this win, Oregon is now set up to take the Pac 10 with a win over USC at home Saturday. A win wouldn't seal it mathematically, but it would be dang close to all but done.
West Virginia 28, UConn 24 (TTF pick: right) - In the beginning, this game was a tribute to Jasper Howard. But as soon as the ball kicked off, it turned into just a great football game. WVU scored first and last - on the opening kickoff and on a late touchdown drive - to take the win over the soul-wrecked Huskies.
Alabama 12, Tennessee 10 (TTF pick: right) - It was a game of kicks. Trailing 12-3 with just minutes to play, Tennessee scored and executed an onsides kick to get into position to win the game. But on the final snap for a 44-yard attempt, the Tide's Terrence Cody broke through the line and got the block - his second of the 4th quarter - to keep the Tide's title hopes alive and well.
Florida 29, Mississippi State 19 (TTF pick: right) - For the second week in a row, the officials were kind to the Gators. When a UF defensive lineman ran towards the goal line with the ball and was stripped before he crossed the line, the refs still gave Florida the touchdown - even after a review!!! Turns out those points were huge as MSU fought back at the end to make it close. Florida will, however, remain number 1 in my poll until they lose.
Oklahoma 35, Kansas 13 (TTF pick: right) - Kansas was officially overrated, no offense to Jayhawk fans. The rise to number 15 in the polls was fun, but after back to back losses to Colorado and Oklahoma, the top-25 may soon be a distant memory. Oklahoma has three losses by a combined five points - that close to being top-10 - but did not have to worry about a 4th close loss on this day.
Clemson 40, Miami 37 OT (TTF pick: wrong) - It is tough to take this as an L as I was being supersticious with my pick. I knew Clemson had it in them, they just had to prove to me that they could do it. The Tigers finally closed the deal on a real good team, and wil be chizzling a new tombstone soon with this win.
South Carolina 14, Vanderbilt 10 (TTF pick: right) - It sure wasn't pretty, but the Gamecocks will take it. Vanderbilt actually led this game going into the 4th quarter, putting quite a scare into the home crowd. But fresman receiver sensation Alshon Jefferey took a 43-yard touchdown to the house with six minutes to go for the deciding points.
Notre Dame 20, Boston College 16 (TTF pick: right) - For the first time in seven tries, Notre Dame beat Boston College in the "Holy War". BC looked tough, but in the end Jimmy Clausen and Notre Dame defended their home field for a much needed win. I was close to taking BC in this game, and am glad I rethought this pick.
Iowa 15, Michigan State 13 (TTF pick: wrong) - This was my upset of the week pick, and I dang near got it right for the second week in a row. Iowa scored on the game's final play to steal the upset bid from the Spartans. I want Iowa to run the table and throw a wrench in the moronic idea known as the BCS.
TCU 38, BYU 7 (TTF pick: right) - This game was never even close. TCU showed their might in a featured game, and hopefully folks nationwide will realize now that the Frogs are no joke. Andy Dalton had a big day at qb for TCU, and is a solid leader of that team. TCU should win out now, once again showing the BCS is BS.
USC 42, Oregon state 36 (TTF pick: right) - Too much firepower. Oregon State made this more of a game than I thought it would be, but still USC got the W. Trojan quarterback Matt Barkley is not a freshman anymore, but rather is playing like a seasoned USC veteran. This team has a HUGE game at Oregon next week.
LSU 31, Auburn 10 (TTF pick: right) - A bit of reality is begining to set in for Auburn Coach Gene Chizik. After a 5-0 start, Auburn has now lost three in a row to Arkansas, Kentucky and now LSU. They were simply overmatched in this game. LSU meanwhile, is hanging around waiting on a game with Alabama to help define the SEC and BCS races.

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