Oct 26

The Top Fan's Top-25

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There are so many teams at the top that there just is not enough room for all of them. Teams ranked all the way to number seven are still unbeaten, setting up for what is hopefully a huge headache for the BCS and those that support it. Here is my top-25 after week 8...

1. Florida (7-0, TopFan poll last week: 1) - Until they lose, they are number 1. They turned in another average performance on the road at Mississippi State, but let's not forget that week in and week out, they get teams very best shots. Next up is the annual game in Jacksonville with Georgia.

2. Alabama (8-0, TFPLW: 2) - "Mount Cody" blocked two kicks in the same quarter, and Alabama hung on in a defensive struggle to beat a determined Tennessee team. Up next for Alabama - after a week off - is LSU.

3. Texas (7-0, TFPLW: 3) - It was hard not to move Texas up, but at the same time, I think Bama played a tougher game against a bigger, more physical opponent. Tennessee looked different, and Bama still held on. Texas trounced Missouri 41-7, which was impressive and will keep them at number three. Up next for them is Oklahoma State away.

4. Iowa, (8-0, TFPLW: 5) - How terrible is this?! Iowa has done all that has been asked of them, yet here they are unable to crack the top three. They - and the next handful of teams - will need some luck to reach the BCS title game. Up next for Iowa is Indiana at home.

5. TCU (7-0, TFPLW: 8) - See number 4. The Horned Frogs beat the tar out of BYU in a featured game, so hopefully that will help them out down the road. They moved up in my poll, I'll tell you that much. Up next is UNLV.

6. Cincy (7-0, TFPLW: 4) - Averaging over 40 points per game, Cincinnati at least has a few games left to show their stuff. They beat Louisville this past weekend, 41-10. UConn, West Virginia and Pittsburgh remain on the schedule allowing the Bearcats some opportunity to show what they can do.

7. Boise State (7-0, TFPLW: 7) - You can bet that people in Boise are making some noise for some kind of change of their football situation. It isn't their fault the schedule is holding them back as these things are scheduled years in advance. But something has to change as they love their football and this will happen to them year in and year out until their schedule features seven or more quailty games. Up next is San Jose State.

8. Oregon (6-1, TFPLW: 11), USC (6-1, TFPLW: 6) - Oregon won big this past weekend on the road at Washington, something LSU (relatively close win), Arizona (loss), and USC (loss) couldn't do. Oregon's offense seems to be hitting stride as the season gets to crunch-time. This weekend's game against USC will go a long way in determining the Pac 10 and national crowns.

10. LSU (6-1, TFPLW: 10) - The Tigers tamed Auburn at home this past Saturday, 31-10, and even inserted their first team defense back into the game late at the goal-line as Auburn tried to score a touchdown in the final seconds. They didn't stop the score, but it showed the kind of spirit LSU has as they try to claw back into the BCS picture. Up next is Tulane.

11. Penn State (7-1, TFPLW: 15), Georgia Tech (7-1, TFPLW: 12) - After a stomp-down of Michigan on the road, I need to give Penn State a little more credit. They are a dang good team whose only loss right now is to number four Iowa. Up next is a trip to Northwestern. Georgia Tech also looked good this past weekend in their defeat of Virginia 34-9 in the pouring rain on the road. They too look like a top-10 team. Up next for them is a road trip to Vanderbilt.

13. Oklahoma State (6-1, TFPLW: 13) - With their lone loss coming to Houston in week two, Oklahoma State is on a roll. They have won five in a row by a combined 200-85. This weekend is a showdown with Texas to decide which team is a real threat to win the national championship.

14. Virginia Tech (5-2, TFPLW: 14) - The Hokies have two losses (Alabama and GT) that both came in the city of Atlanta to current top 10 teams. This team is not bad, and I will be surprised if they do not win out. The problem for them though is that even if they do win out, they may not even win their division. Up next is a Thursday night home date with North Carolina.

15. Miami (5-2, TFPLW: 9) - The Hurricanes lost in OT to Clemson in what is sure to be an instant classic. Miami is vastly improved over 2008, but are still a couple of players away from being where they want to be. Up next for the 'Canes is a trip to Wake Forest.

16. Ohio State (6-2, TFPLW: 19) - The Buckeyes layed a beat-down on Minnesota, 38-7, this past weekend. If not for a slip up at lowly Purdue two weeks ago, they would be right in this discussion of who is the best one loss team. Up next is New Mexico State.

17. Pittsburgh (7-1, TFPLW: 20) - By losing to NC State back in week four, I have held out on giving Pittsburgh respect. But after a whipping of South Florida, 41-14, this past weekend, to get to 7-1, I guess it is time to give them some credit.

18. Houston (6-1, TFPLW: 17) - The Cougars have now won three in a row for the second time this season. This past weekend they defeated SMU, 38-15. The Cougars should win out from here, and next up is Southern Miss.

19. West Virginia (6-1, TFPLW: 18) - The Mountaineers won a close game at home against Uconn, 28-24. The Mountaineers have but one loss - at Auburn in week four. Up next for WVU is a game at South Florida.

20. Oklahoma (4-3, TFPLW: UR) - Some folks are steamed that OU can be ranked with three losses. I can understand their point, but then again, OU has lost to three top 15 teams by a combined five points. That is basically three plays from being in the top four. I have them at 20 because I feel that is where they stand amongst the teams. They play Kansas State next.

21. Utah (6-1, TFPLW: 21) - If you are Utah, it is hard to find comfort in beating Air Force in overtime. Still, a win is a win, and I won't drop you for the style in which you won. I like the Utes, but huge thrashings are all that will move you up at this point. Up next is a game with Wyoming.

22. South Carolina (6-2, TFPLW: 24) - The Gameocks avoided tragedy by scoring late to beat Vandy. Still though, this game should bring some concern with it. Maybe with such a loaded schedule it is hard to get up for the Commodores, but still. This was too close for comfort if you are a Gamecock fan. Next up for South Carolina is a trip to Tennessee.

23. Notre Dame (5-2, TFPLW: UR) - The Irish defeated Boston College 20-16 in a hard fought game in South Bend. This gets them to 5-2 on the season. Up next for Notre Dame is a visit from Washington State.

24. Mississippi (5-2, TFPLW: UR) - People have been quick to get on Ole Miss' case after the ridiculously high ranking they were granted at the beginning of the season. But with losses at just South Carolina and at home against Alabama, this team is doing ok. They beat Arkansas 30-17 to get to 5-2. Up next is a trip to Auburn,

25. Arizona (5-2, TFPLW: UR) - The Wildcats are another ranked team who had trouble earlier this season at Washington. Take that away (a 36-33 loss) and the only other loss was to number four Iowa. This team is a mystery to me - I will have to watch more. Up next is Washington State at home.

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