Nov 1

Gators, Ducks Take a Bite

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Oregon and Florida may be the best two teams in the country after watching the latest action go down. The Gators man-handled arch-rival Georgia in Jacksonville, and the Ducks absolutely ran USC out of Autzen Stadium. The need for a playoff has never been stronger, as not only these two teams, but Texas also won big. The top-10 has too many good teams, and not enough open spots! The playoff talk is growing louder.....

As we get nearer and neraer to the end of the season, it is getting closer and closer to a really, really messed up situation as far as crowning our national champion. As many as four teams could be undefeated and given no chance to claim a natoinal title. That my friends, is some messed up stuff.

Florida was having none of UGA and their black helmets. Coach Mark Richt was trying to pump his team up with black pants and helmets for Halloween, but Florida had little trouble with its rival as UF was up 24-10 at the half on the way to the 41-14 win. Say what you want about Tim Tebow having a non-Heisman like year, the fact is that he has led his team to an unbeaten record thus far.

And out West, the hottest team in America may be the Ducks of Oregon. As I was saying in my top-25 write-up, the 47 points the Ducks scored were not a huge surprise. But to see them hold USC and Matt Barkley and company to just 20 points is indeed a surprise. If the Duck D plays like that each week, they are very, very tough to beat. I'd love to see Oregon get a chance to play Florida, but that is not likely if Texas wins out.

The Pick'em is updated, how did you do?! I was 13-2 in week 9....

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